Strong women support other women…or so they say.

”When women support other women, incredible things happen.” Unknown I’ve seen this quote in my social media feed...a lot. I bet you have too. And, why not? It’s inspirational. But is it really what women do? We all want to think so. Right? I have seen two very striking examples this week of that not being... Continue Reading →

Show kindness even if you’re not feeling it

I always wonder why God loves this planet of humans. Just turn on the TV, hop on the Internet (or drive in rush hour traffic) and you'll see plenty of examples of humans behaving badly, being cruel, inconsiderate, unkind, hateful...not even remotely compassionate. We hear of humans doing compassionate things, say when there is a... Continue Reading →

Women Inspiring Change | Sturge-Weber Foundation

Today it want to introduce you to someone who is very dear to my heart. She is a woman inspiring change: Karen Ball, founder of the Sturge-Weber Foundation (SWF). *Full disclosure here, I have known the SWF for a very long time. I have designed their newsletters and marketing material for 15 years. Told you... Continue Reading →

3 Women Inspiring Change Everyday | February

WOMEN INSPIRING CHANGE EVERYDAY | What I really love is when I find a blog that inspires me. I love reading about women who actually admit to not having it all together (gasp), along side the rest of us. I love well written words, good design, and doing good. For your Monday morning, here are... Continue Reading →

3 Women Inspiring Change Everyday | January

I read a lot of blogs. And when I say, "a lot", I mean I currently have somewhere close to 100 blogs bookmarked on my iPad. I may have an addiction. I don't read these 100 blogs everyday. Geez, I wouldn't get anything done! These blogs fall under the category of Faith, Quilt Love, Craft... Continue Reading →

She has built 27 houses…what have you done?

Girls who inspire. Click the link below to read this story. Then ask, "What have I done lately?" American girl, just 12, builds 27 homes in Haiti.

Women Who Inspire | The Mercy House

Today I receive 3 new Christian music CDs in the mail from EMI. I won them from Kristen at  We Are That Family (and The Mercy House). Although winning something is always awesome, I really wanted to introduce you to the double-force behind  The Mercy House. Kristen, living in America, is mobilizing support for Mercy... Continue Reading →

Women Who Inspire | Amanda Lindhout

I know this is all over the web today but, seriously, I cried this morning when I first heard this story on the Today Show. Amanda Lindhout is truly a Woman Who Inspires!  In 2008, Amanda Lindhout was a freelance journalist in Somalia when she was kidnapped and began 15 months of nightmarish captivity. But today she... Continue Reading →

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