Colorful Travels: Black Hills, South Dakota

Today, I am blogging over at my other blog, Colorful Travels. Please join me there for a little run-down of our family vacation last week to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the Black Hills, South Dakota. See you there!

Dear Kids, Create Your Summer

Dear kids, You have approximately 91 days of summer vacation. Now is the time to create your summer. I would suggest you don’t waste your time whining, fighting, and proclaiming, “I am bored!”. Speaking of fighting. I don't get 91 days of summer vacation. I have to work, at an office and at home. I... Continue Reading →

At least they’re not fighting…

Give my kids a hose, a closed storm door, let them "spray" each other, and I have at least 20 minutes of non-fighting-quite-time...if I am lucky! And, the storm door protects my camera. I've been reading Tom Ang's Digital Photography Masterclass. It's has been very helpful. I really like the "assignments" after each chapter so... Continue Reading →

Summer Favorite: Cherries

Every year I look forward to summer, not because summer is my favorite season; far from it, it's my 3rd favorite. Summer means it's CHERRY SEASON! Cherries also remind of my childhood. How many hot summer days did my little sister and I climb the cherry tree in our backyard and pluck the sweet fruit... Continue Reading →

Secret Summer Hideaway

In our backyard, behind the Tuff Shed, is a small area that doesn't get used. There is a willowy Aspen tree and some runaway ribbon grass, but not much else. It's a perfect place for a secret hideaway! **BEFORE** **AFTER** Using some shear curtains, clothespins, twine, an old blanket, and old throw pillows we made... Continue Reading →

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