Everyday Lens of Life

It's been life moving way too fast around here. I just say, slow down already. Captured here is everyday lens of life. Which reminds me, I need to get some peanuts for my homemade squirrel feeder. Squirrels need love too.

Your Monday Morning Coffee Break | Life is Short, Live it

  Because Life is short... Rock your red lipstick. Do what you can, let go of the rest. Let go of regret. Avoid drama.   Tell your story. Even if you think nobody is listening. Your story matters. Have faith everyday. Be an encourager. Big or small. Walk your own path. Nowhere in the Bible... Continue Reading →

St. Malo Church in Photos

        *Photos taken from our trip to Estes Park, CO. If you like it, pin it, but please don't steal it. Copyright 2014, Jeri Stunkard.

Spring is in the air…

...Or at least in my dining room. The backyard is in a complete disarray. Where there once was a lush green yard now has been replaced with a mud pit. I will not take a picture to prove it to you either. And I owe this all to our big black lab named Thor. It's... Continue Reading →

Project Life | 2013

Also, my dear friend became a grandma for the second time. Yikes, girl! You're too young to be a grandma.  Wishing mom, baby, daddy and 'lil sis (and grandma) all the joy a new baby brings. Babies are good.

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