Life marching on…whether we want it to or not.

I cried on the way home from work. The stress and pressure of keeping things afloat at the office is getting to me. Everyone says it will get easier. I just don't know when. Life doesn't stop for death. Whatever happened to a mourning period? My little Parker taught me to make dinner. She's 5.... Continue Reading →

i am thinking…

Things I love: My family, my friends, my dog Things I wish I had: Inner-peace, a bigger kitchen, more time, more patience My favorite place(s) on earth: Home, the ice rink, any bookstore Things that gross me out: Sitting across from someone who is eating with their mouth open. It's not see-food, people! Things I... Continue Reading →

my husband has the job i want

The landscaping season has winded down. Now is the time that my hard-working hubby becomes a stay-at-home-husband. Lucky man. He has the job I want. He gets to pick up our oldest daughter after school so she no longer has to attend after school care. He gets to stay up late and sleep in. He... Continue Reading →

do you live what you believe?

On most days that answer is probably pretty easy. It's not everyday that we are presented with a moral dilemma that shakes our belief system to the core. Oh, we voice our opinions on major issues--drug dealers, drunk driving, and rapist. You know where you stand when it comes to those issues, but what would... Continue Reading →

3 reasons i {heart} my husband

3 reasons I ♥ my husband right now. He says, "No, Honey. The meat is dried out because it was a bad cut of meat, not because you over-cooked it in the crock-pot." He refuses to go to a strip club because of his moral beliefs when he is invited to a bachelor party. He... Continue Reading →

disrespecting 9/11

With the anniversary of  September 11th fast approaching, many people are taking this time to reflect. Reflect on the events that unfolded that day. Do you remember where you were? Reflecting and remembering the innocent victims who lost their lives. Reflecting on how we felt, in our hearts and our guts, as we watched our... Continue Reading →

an als kind of birthday

Ron McCormick turns 62 years old today. It's a birthday to celebrate. He should eat lots of sugar-loaded cake. He should open presents from loved ones. He should kick up his heels, dance a little, maybe on a table. But he can't because he was diagnosed with a fatal disease called ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis... Continue Reading →

kicking the habit

We all have habits that we should kick. Habits like smoking; it's bad for our lungs. Drinking less soda and drink more water. Eating less junk food and eat more fruits and vegetables. We know we should change those habits. But what about less  obvious habits like biting our nails, cursing less, or shopping to deal... Continue Reading →

caught in a lie

Alex caught me in a lie. This was after I had been lecturing her about lying all week long. Worse yet, she did something sneaky to find out I had lied. She wanted over-priced ice cream from the ice cream truck rolling down the block. I didn't want to pay four times the price for... Continue Reading →

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