Words for thought

It's been a crazy, stress-filled week and a half. I am trying, really hard, to stay calm. Last week ended with finally finishing up a huge project at work that had my anxiety monster going crazy. I didn't get fired (yet) because, like I said, I am crazy. I mean, my anxiety monster  is crazy...I might... Continue Reading →

I will always be a new mom

I've officially been a mother now for a little over 14 years. Long gone are the days of having a new-born who won't sleep through the night. Those days were so awkward. I didn't know what the heck I was doing, what was the "right" way to do this mothering thing. There were so many questions.... Continue Reading →

Everyday Creativity That Happens Around Here

This is the everyday. This is the seemingly simple, everyday creativity that happens around here. When I am old and gray, these are the moments I want to remember. My eight-year-old is busy creating art on top of the dining room table. All her new art supplies that she received for Christmas are scattered in... Continue Reading →

Honestly Messy Life

Dear friend, You came to my house last evening. I welcomed you in. I offered you a drink. Among the mess, we sat down on the sofa to chat. It wasn't that many years ago that this simple act of friendship would have sent anxiety coursing through my veins. I was acutely aware of the mess... Continue Reading →

You Were Made to Thrive, Not Just Survive

Hi friends. How are you feeling today? Tired, anxious, a little run down? I'll be honest here. I am feeling like this should be the "lazy days of summer", so why are my kids driving me crazy just two weeks into summer break? You too? I don't know about you but I could use a... Continue Reading →

Something Personal | Life Here

I am doing things a little different today. I am taking a break from my regularly scheduled faith reading for something a little more personal, and self-indulgent...my kids. And, because my mom wants to see some pictures. (I know you do, mom.) So, here's a little update on life around here... Parker Faith is loving... Continue Reading →

10 Faith Resolutions for Everyday

Hi! Welcome to the new home of Have Faith Everyday. I am so glad you are here. I was going to wait until my new home was up and running but I just couldn't wait! So, you will be seeing more changes to the design as I tweak it over the next few weeks. Pull... Continue Reading →

Something to Ponder this Weekend.

SOMETHING TO PONDER THIS WEEKEND | Recently I wrote about how our family loves the reality show Duck Dynasty, here. I typically do not write about things that would cause a fight. That is not what this blog is about. However, with the recent controversy surrounding what some are calling homo-phobic comments by the shows... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

It's December 1st. The quiet of November is over...usher in the "beautiful mess" that is December. {sigh} Over this month I will be creating posts revolving around December Daily. (If you're not familiar with this month-long documenting of all things December, head over to Ali Edwards to get the 4-1-1.) But, before I can begin... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

November 18: a gift made, shared, passed on quilting gifts all day this creamy pumpkin pie recipe (shared with you) clothing donations passed on November 19: 3 gifts of autumn golden sunrise squirrels stealing pumpkins crunching leaves under foot November 20: 3 gifts of tradition display of giving thanks writing gift wish list  (kids) family ancestry... Continue Reading →


I can't think of a clever post title, so whatever. Are you tired of seeing pictures of other people's kids in Halloween costumes yet? Too bad... THINGS I READ ONLINE THIS WEEK: 8 Reasons Clutter is Preventing Your Happiness. This Year, Do Thanksgiving Better Than Ever! The Purring Monkey and other totally wild and species... Continue Reading →

Hunger in America…it’s not who you think

If you think that hunger only happens to "those people"... If you think that "those people" are just lazy because they visit a food bank... If you think that "those people" just need to "get a second job" so they don't have to choose between groceries and paying the electric bill... If you think that... Continue Reading →

Top Pet Costumes for Halloween are…

The top pet costumes for Halloween is...drum roll... Pumpkin Devil Hot dog Bee Cat Witch Bow tie Pirate Dog Ghost Source: The Denver post Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Going to camp for the first time

Alexandra headed to Outdoor Lab today. Here in Colorado area schools have a wonderful outdoor education and team building program for 6th graders. These are lucky kids! For the next four days my girl will be zip lining, team building with fellow classmates, learning basic mountain survival skills and hiking.  She'll be bunking in a... Continue Reading →

What’s your greatest joy?

According to a recent survey, 36% of people said THIS  brings them the greatest joy. Can you guess what THIS is? What brings people the greatest joy is not a person. Surprisingly, THIS ranked higher than a good night out, a vacation, and even monkey piling! Give up? Over a third of people say a... Continue Reading →

I am her mother, not her friend

This weekend Alexandra ran a 5k with her cross country team. It was a fundraiser for the Food Bank of the Rockies hosted by Panera Bread. I was going to walk the 5k with another team mom, but my almost-teenager didn't want me too. She wanted to hang with her cross country team friends. Without... Continue Reading →

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts

The traditional wedding anniversary gift for the first year is paper; second year is cotton;  third is leather...eighteen is what? Hubby and I are celebrating our 18th year. Whoa! What do you get for that many years? Apparently, it's porcelain (ceramic will work too). So, what porcelain gift do you buy besides a porcelain doll... Continue Reading →

We’ve been married how long?

Hubby: We got married in '93? Me: No. Hubby: '94? Me: No. I am really getting a kick out of this. It was '95. Hubby: Really? Me: Yes, really. We were married on Maui. I remember it was a Thursday. Who gets married on a Thursday? Anyway, we both have always had trouble remembering if... Continue Reading →

Life This Week

Life this week (above): My mother-in-law & sister-in-law are on an Alaskan cruise. They saw that moose...so cool.  | I am back to work at my "old" job. Those guys have a serious addiction to their afternoon Starbucks fix. This could be dangerous.  |  We have made it through the first two weeks of school... Continue Reading →

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Yep! It's the first day of school and it's wonderful to me. Don't judge. The girls were so excited that it was 10:30 before they finally got to sleep...and I was laying down with both of them! All the 6th graders had to go to school for a half day on Friday to get accustomed... Continue Reading →

My New Obsession: Quilting

When I was a teenager I dreamed of moving to NYC and becoming a fashion designer. There was only one small problem, besides my Mom forbid me from moving to NYC, I couldn't sew. Anyone who has watched the Project Runway knows you have to be able to sew! I took home economics my Junior... Continue Reading →

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