A Neon Themed Birthday Party

Parker turned the big 7 this weekend. Apparently, it's a big deal to go from 6-years-old to 7-years-old. I can't remember that far back. Her theme of choice was "neon". Neither of my girls are much of cake-eaters. Which, at times has made me wonder if they really are my kids. Parker's favorite ice cream... Continue Reading →

Oh, why is she in a hurry to grow up?

Ten years ago I almost gave birth in the hospital parking lot. Flashback to a few hours earlier that morning: I wasn't even sure if I was in labor. I had to crack open my copy of "What to expect when you're expecting" to check my symptoms. And check it again. Thankfully I made it... Continue Reading →

A Halloween Birthday Party

My little Park E. Bear is turning 5 years old this week. Hard to believe...isn't it always? She is such a funny little character. She is a sponge which means she absorbs every little "bad" word I say, then repeats it. She is a kissy bear too; always giving me kisses. This year Parker proclaimed... Continue Reading →

and she turns nine…

    I have a nine-year old daughter. Nine. Most days it's hard to believe. Other days it's hard to believe she is only nine. She thinks she is old enough to have a cell phone. She thinks everyone has to knock, and she has to say "come in", before they can enter her bedroom.... Continue Reading →

happy birthday parker

Parker officially turns 4 years old on Monday but today we celebrated by going to the circus. Parker loved every minute of it. She clapped along, ohs and ahs came out of her mouth, even a "wow" or two...it was the Greatest Show on Earth. I know the elephants are billed as the stars of... Continue Reading →

tea party invite

Tea parties seem to be the "in" thing right now. Alex has been invited to 3 tea parties in the last 3 months! Below is another tea party invite I designed for my friend's daughter who is turning 6 this month. It's designed to fit in a regular #10 envelope for easy mailing. Her mother is... Continue Reading →

donut party

Take 2 dozen assorted donuts, stack them up on a cake plate, add a candle...simple as that! You have a donut cake that easily impresses your friends. The small donuts scattered on the table are stickers that I ran out on my inkjet and used a circle punch to punch out and stick on the... Continue Reading →

tea party invite

Here's a tea party invitation I designed for a friend's daughter to celebrate her 8th birthday. I used actual tea bags, just emptied the tea out and replaced with confetti.

donut party brainstorm

So, Alex wants a donut party for her 8th birthday. Below are some donut cake ideas I came across while brainstorming for the party... 1. beautyandbedlem.com; 2. donutking.com; 3. found on flickr.com; 4. cupcakes topped with minidonuts by justjennrecipes.com; 5. found on flickr.com; 6. found on photobucket by freemommy33 More ideas and my planning to... Continue Reading →

i’ve been featured

My Ni Hao! Kai Lan party ideas with be featured on The Creative Place http://creativepartyplace.com/ blog on Monday! Go check it out. There is lots of fun party ideas for every occasion.

candy hang-over

Halloween is over. I am over the candy. Can I dump it all in the trash without the girls taking notice? Probably not. Even though we had 23 inches of snow this past Wednesday thru Thursday, in typical Colorado style, the snow was pretty much melted by Halloween night. The air was crisp and a little... Continue Reading →

birthday party for under $60

The Challenge: Plan a birthday party, including food and decorations, for under $60. That's right people! Theme: Ni Hao! Kai-Lan Guest List: 11 adults, 9 kids Color Scheme: red, yellow, light blue, black accent I love planning parties but hate the cost of them. So this year I set a very small budget of $60, made... Continue Reading →

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