This is Your Permission to Keep it Simple

It's a little over a week into December. The holidays are fully upon us. Are you feeling stressed yet? I hereby give you permission to keep it simple this year by cutting the stress and relaxing. But, you say you have lots and lots of things to do. Parties to attend. People to shop for.... Continue Reading →

Thankful Tree Centerpiece

Like a lot of families, it's become a tradition to write out the things we are thankful for during Thanksgiving. Because my kids love crafts, they required the activity to be craft related. I demand that the craft to be E-A-S-Y. Last year we colored a stuffed blessings turkey {see it here}. This year we... Continue Reading →

Have a Simple Merry Holidays

Walk through Target (or any other retail store for that matter) and you'll notice that the Halloween decorations have been replaced with Christmas merchandise. The good news is you can snag a bag of peanut butter cups for 75% off! The bad news? We will have toys advertisements & electronic sales shoved down our throats... Continue Reading →

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