Christmas Traditions: The Reading of His Birth

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? Traditions like putting up the tree on the day after Thanksgiving, buying a special new ornament each year, or opening one gift on Christmas Eve are a special part of the Christmas season.While we share many traditions, we also add our own unique twists to them. Maybe... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Love

"This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." 1 John 4:9-10

3 gifts I am giving my kids this Christmas (hint: it’s not things)

It wasn't that long ago that my now teenage daughter's only wish for under the Christmas tree was a beloved Princess Anneliese dress-up dress. It was decked out in pink and sparkles. What other color would it be? Oh, how times have changed! If you live with a teenager, you know what I mean. A... Continue Reading →

30 Days of Gratitude | 30 Things

I know everyone is still in Halloween-mode, but I am excited about next month! All November, a full thirty day, I am talking about gratitude. Why thirty days of gratitude? Did you know showing gratitude for the little things you have will make you a happier person? Who could use more happy? I know I... Continue Reading →

Some Days All You Can do is Phone it in

I remember when the girls were toddler sized. Those days they were up for just about anything, as long as I packed a sippy cup and Goldfish crackers. And, every Halloween was a production. We would spend an afternoon at the "fancy" Pumpkin Patch. That farm included small animals, a hay ride to pick a... Continue Reading →

Party Like it’s 1776…Free Patriotic Printable

Free printable of the above is available here. (Right click the jpg to save to your desktop, then print.) The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a federal holiday in America that celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of the Independence on July 4th, 1776. Let's party and set off some fireworks! To all... Continue Reading →

For Your Weekend | Unplug, Reconnect

March 7-8 is National Day of Unplugging |  Most of us have our iPhone/SmartPhone attached to our hand like an extra appendage (guilty as charged). But get this: For 24 hours pledge to turn off your devices (gasp!). Devices like your beloved iPad and iPod, TV, computer, ignore your text messages and emails, put down... Continue Reading →

Spread the Love + Free Printable

I love a good love story...And for the past few years, I’ve witnessed an epic love story that even Hollywood couldn’t write. It has scenes of desperate broken-hearted girls, born into unthinkable poverty, used and abused by this world, fighting to survive… But then, the Rescuer comes. And He takes the bruised and shattered lives,... Continue Reading →

Valentine Bunnies

Another thing I learned in January was that I don't like to sew stuffed animals... But the girls just "had to" sew these cute little bunnies. Yeah, they're cute; and if there wasn't hand stitching involved, I might have liked it better. Anybody with me? The pattern is from the book "Sew Fun" by Deborah... Continue Reading →

Quick Food Gift: Christmas Crunch Recipe

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON | I've wrote how I am not  in the mood for the holidays this year. I am not a Grinch, I am just not feeling it. I know I am not alone. Right? Anybody? I have given myself a hall pass this year. I don't have to host a cookie decorating... Continue Reading →

Awesome Gift Giving Guide That Does Good

'Tis the season to give...right? So, what do you get friends and family who have everything? Or, say, "I don't need anything." Which is true. Most of us don't need a thing. Not so true for others around the world. The dilemma of the season: Give something special to our loved ones, because we love... Continue Reading →

Thank goodness for dogs | Intentional Gratitude

Two years ago, around this time, two dogs came to live in our house. We were shocked by the sudden lost of my hubby's dear friend, Ed. We were even more shocked by his will. He left his dogs to us. We had lost our beloved beagle just a few months earlier. The last thing... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks Intentionally

About four years ago we started a November tradition of giving thanks intentionally. To make it more fun for the girls, I try to come up with a different way to display our thankful list. The first year we made a turkey "stuffed" with blessings. Year two was a thankful tree. Year three was a... Continue Reading →

20 Carved Pumpkins…

Some people act surprised when they find out I don't like to carve pumpkins for Halloween. It surprises me that they think I enjoy it. Maybe it's because I was scarred for life by a 4th grade teacher who made his students close our eyes while sticking our hand in a pumpkin full of slimy... Continue Reading →

Is it too Early to Post Christmas Photos?

It it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Before the Halloween candy is handed out? It's not like I am putting Christmas lights up on the house...but I have started quilting/sewing decorations and gifts for Christmas. This week I finished making each of us quilted Christmas stockings. Using fabric leftover from my Christmas quilt,... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Things Gift Guide

Inspired by Oprah's Favorite Things. a. Dior Lip Glow at Sephora. It's the perfect shade for any skin type and it feels silky on your lips. b. Go Dog Go Fetch Machine. Sit back and let this machine do all the work. If you have a dog that will not stop fetching a ball until... Continue Reading →

Holiday shopping, Santa, and Turkeys

My mom was in town for the Holiday week. Love that! She lives 2 states away. The kids really loved it because she spoiled them rotten at the mall. Oh, ya she spoiled me too with a new pair of boots. Parker sat on Santa's lap twice, at two different malls. This is the Santa... Continue Reading →


"There is always, always, always something to be thankful for." Author Unknown Right now | I am painfully aware that some of my extended family are struggling with the loss of a father, the impending death of a mother. The sorrow and heartbreak is undeniably unbearable. I have prayed that the Lord will be there... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the 4th of July

Fireworks, cook-outs and cherry pie are 4th of July traditions. But, this year fireworks are cancelled in much of Colorado. Denver is still participating in this July tradition (and getting a lot of criticism for it). Most cities, including Westminster which we live, have deemed it too dry and hot to risk a fire being... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Day 20

Alex started her big day out by vomiting up her dinner from the night before. It's a big day because she has her holiday skate exhibition at the rink; this is not the way to start the day! Good news is she wasn't running a fever. I went to work and then left early to... Continue Reading →

When did I start watching my parent’s tv programming?

Growing up my parents watched CBS News Sunday Morning, every-single-Sunday. To a kid, this was even more boring than the nightly news. Which (today) irritates me that my hubby has to watch the 6 o'clock AND the 10 o'clock news every they are going to say something different in the 10 o'clock newscast! But... Continue Reading →

December Daily | 8

This morning I got up, even though I wanted to stay in bed, and dropped Alex off at school. Then, I came home and went back to bed. Hey, don't judge. I only stayed there for about an hour, but I still couldn't get going this morning. So much on my to-do list and no... Continue Reading →

December Daily | 4…lesson in photography

December Daily, day 4:  So, I wanted to try this with my Christmas Lights for our Christmas card: I did figure out how to change the ISO on my camera. {duh.} But, still, I couldn't get the effect I was really looking for. Not to mention I don't have a very patience subject! If you... Continue Reading →

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