Because I haven’t posted in a month

So. I haven't posted in a month. Can I make it up to you with my new favorite chocolate chip muffin recipe? The recipe can be found on Cooking Classy. We made 36 for Parker's class read-in. It was to celebrate finally wrapping up PARCC testing. And they are #damndelicious! My mom sent me wall... Continue Reading →

#SmallSeeds of Creativity

So, it's been awhile since I have posted some Small Seeds. Although, sharing links to bloggers changing the world right where they are is important; I thought I would switch it up a little this month and share Small Seeds of Creativity, a.k.a. seriously creative bloggers. The girls and I are always looking for fun,... Continue Reading →

Sweet Memories of Childhood

I don't know anyone who says they had a great childhood, except my hubby. This, despite the fact his family moved around a lot as a child and there was lean times when his dad was unemployed. He still claims he had a great childhood. What a little optimist. Childhood is what you spent the... Continue Reading →

You Know You’re Addicted to Starbucks When…

You know you're addicted to Starbucks® when you write a poem about their caffeinated drinks! *This poem was written by my 12-year-old daughter, who is in love with Starbucks®. She wants her first job to be as a Barista. Maybe she'll get me a discount? Starbucks... The flavor is the sweet smell of a red... Continue Reading →

When it Snows, we Must Bake

It's snowing outside. It's cold. Parker is bored. Let's bake! Recipe after the jump... Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies recipe. *Use Dove chocolate hearts instead of the Kisses per recipe. I had coffee. And three cookies. That's right. Three. Linger over chocolate longer. ♥ Dove The squirrels had breakfast in the snow. Slinky Squirrel Feeder how-to... Continue Reading →

Quick Food Gift: Christmas Crunch Recipe

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON | I've wrote how I am not  in the mood for the holidays this year. I am not a Grinch, I am just not feeling it. I know I am not alone. Right? Anybody? I have given myself a hall pass this year. I don't have to host a cookie decorating... Continue Reading →

Cool school lunch box ideas

School is just 2 weeks away from starting here in our world. I am excited and dreadful at the same time. A new school year means...besides that I am now cash-poor from school supply shopping, clothes shopping, registration fees and sports fees...I must figure out what to make the kids for lunch every. single. day.... Continue Reading →

For the Love of S’mores

We have a gas fire pit in the backyard and the girls favorite summertime treat (besides popsicles) is s'mores. We either make the traditional version with Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, and Hersey Bars...or we make these: I am thinking we may need to try something new. Something exciting. Something different. The girls are traditionalist. Me, I... Continue Reading →

Crock Pot Red Beans and Rice

Glenn talks fondly of his years spent growing up in Slidell, Louisiana. Mostly it's about the crazy things he did as a kid, but also he misses the red beans and rice served in the South. Apparently, Colorado don't know nothing about red beans and rice. This is the only recipe that passes his taste... Continue Reading →

Peel hard-boiled eggs easy-peasy

Okay, okay...that sounded a little hokey, but check this out... I am thinking ahead to Easter and making deviled eggs. We eat organic, cage-free eggs (cause they taste the best), but once boiled they can be hard to peel. Well, I came across this genius tip for brain-damage-free peeling...seriously, it will change your life! I... Continue Reading →

I am a mother of a tween

Today my first born is 11-years-old. Geez, how did I get to be a mother of a tween? It may be cliché but, seriously? Her birthday cake of choice: Angel Food Cake (high altitude recipe here) Ever try to bake an Angel Food Cake from scratch? It is a high maintenance cake. And hell if... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Ten, Traditions

When you think of your childhood during Christmas time, what comes to mind? When we were growing up, our mom always filled a glass jar with this mixture: peanuts, M&M's and raisins. This glass jar always sat on the coffee table for a quick grab treat. I don't know why but this simple thing sticks... Continue Reading →

November Joy: Let the holiday baking begin!

It's that time of the year. Time to pull out baking recipes that you haven't whipped up since last November/December. Time to try something new. Hubby and I are making a trip over to my old office tomorrow to pay a visit and to show off the Charger. So, I thought I would make them... Continue Reading →

Summer Favorite: Cherries

Every year I look forward to summer, not because summer is my favorite season; far from it, it's my 3rd favorite. Summer means it's CHERRY SEASON! Cherries also remind of my childhood. How many hot summer days did my little sister and I climb the cherry tree in our backyard and pluck the sweet fruit... Continue Reading →

It’s looking like spring.

It's been fun watching my orange tulips sprout from the pot.  Tonight we had pork tenderloin in the crock pot with fingerling potatoes, fresh sliced button mushrooms and topped with cream of mushroom soup; and slow cooked for 10 hours. Can you say comfort food? You have to try it!

Sunsets and frozen yogurt.

So, I haven't used my camera in a while. Just not in the mood I guess. On Thursday it was usually warm here in Denver. 70 degrees warm. I took my camera and the girls to the park just before sunset. Gorgeous! I slept for 12 hours this weekend. Don't judge. Obviously I needed the... Continue Reading →

Oh, why is she in a hurry to grow up?

Ten years ago I almost gave birth in the hospital parking lot. Flashback to a few hours earlier that morning: I wasn't even sure if I was in labor. I had to crack open my copy of "What to expect when you're expecting" to check my symptoms. And check it again. Thankfully I made it... Continue Reading →

Adventures in French Cooking or Stick With What You Know

Okay, maybe it's not exactly an is just cooking after all. I have been wanting to try making a beef wellington for a while now. It can be a little daunting so I did my research checking out different recipes online. But not one to take the easy way out, I chose not to... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Day 15

Why is shopping for Christmas presents so exhausting? Today was a major shop-til-we-drop day. It's crunch time. If we are lucky everything will get mailed in time to deliver before Christmas Day. Are you in the same situation? Parker, hubby & I dropped the dogs off at the groomers, then went to Krispie Kreme for... Continue Reading →

December Daily | 5…Frozen Hot Chocolate

On my to-do list this holiday season is to try Frozen Hot Chocolate. What on earth is Frozen Hot Chocolate, you ask? It's a contradiction in rich chocolatey yummy-ness. Serendipity 3 in NYC makes a infamous version of this frozen treat. I can't just jet off to, I found this recipe at Tasty Kitchen... Continue Reading →

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