Bible Study: Revelation

I have avoided studying Revelation for one big reason. I tried reading it as a teenager—and as a highly impressionable teen, it FREAKED ME OUT. 😬 The horsemen of the apocalypse and the plagues was scary. Also, take in account it was 1980-something and the fear of Russia dropping a bomb on us was a reality & I watched the movie “Red Dawn”…well, this apocalypse thing was too real to me. I told you I was impressionable.
So, Revelation scares me. But…I just finished Philippians Bible study (❤️) and was thinking what I should study next. Revelation popped in my head. What? No thanks. I can’t say for sure it was a divine message but I keep coming back to it. So I am jumping in and facing my fears—who wants to join me? Seriously, I need someone to hold my hand.

I will be following the online Bible study at Enduring Word and I bought Crossway’s Revelation 12-wk study guide as well…Because I hear Revelation is confusing. And if you go to my Studio website you can download a free SOAP study sheet. It’s the same one I will be using. Revelation starts this weekend. 🙏🏻

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