One Word (or two) for 2019.

It’s that time again to ditch the New Year’s resolutions in favor of One Word to focus on all year long.

I’ve picked my one word for 10 years now and it’s helped me to stay focused on what I want to accomplish. For instance, rather than saying, “I want to lose weight,” I might choose “health” as my one word. Health is broader and can evolve over the course if a year than simply wanting to lose weight.

2018 was a rough year for me. It was full of drama, conflict (with others and my inner-self), work stress, and family changes. In 2019, I want to focus on self-care. I have already taken steps before the end of 2018 to start the journey, but I want to continue to focus on it through the new year.

One word
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A-ha moment. I have come to realize that feeling I always had to be the one who kept it all together, when everyone around me was falling apart, is not very productive way to go through life. It’s not fair, either. And, it’s a bit abusive to my inner-self.

Not one person can be the one holding it all together.

When I am focused on keeping it together for everyone else, I am not focused on what I really want. It feels like just surviving on the daily. Not thriving, or even living.

After months of soul-searching, honesty, and praying, I came to the conclusion that my biggest source of stress and anxiety was at work.

Getting real. I took a huge leap of faith to change my work world. I had just finished listening to the book, How to be Happy at Work by Annie McKee. To say this book was life-changing would be an understatement—I have only said that about a book maybe once or twice in my life.

The book is about what YOU need in your work to be fulfilled as to not feel as though your soul is being crushed And, really what everyone wants out of work.

For a creative soul like me, it was an eye-opener, and it changed my perspective in how I view my co-workers work as well. No, it did not magically end all my frustration, but the change in thinking helps.

Making changes. I stepped out in faith (it was more of an over-whelming urge, like someone was pushing me) and presented my boss with an idea for changing the dynamics of the office while fulfilling a position that was badly needed. Fortunately for me, he was intrigued by the idea and we went with it. Now I have moved into that new position at work, with new challenges, and responsibilities.

It doesn’t end there. I have also started a 3-month online marketing course. Learning new things as an old dog has been good for my soul. And, I have started a weight loss journey and began meds to even out my peri-menopausal-self and get my anxiety under control.

A little pill can go a long way. Never be afraid to ask for help in this way. It doesn’t make you less than—it only means you are human. It takes courage to admit you need help. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, tell you any different!

One word fire

My little sis gave me this necklace for Christmas. It’s from The Giving Keys. First of all, they give back to end homelessness—which I love. Second, the idea is to chose your One Word, have it engraved on two keys, then gift the second key to someone you think could benefit from that word.

A kind of, you go girl.

My sis chose Fire, she says because she thought I found my fire this last year. I think it took me a while to be on fire. Either way, she gets me. Fire is my second One Word.

This is my prayer for you in 2019. May you be fearless this year. Be brave and strong—it’s never too late to start over, or find your true passion, or learn new trade, or live the life you want to live—for you, not what others want you to live. I am 48 (I still feel like I am 40), aside from some creaky knees, that is young.

May you find your fire! May you go out there and make 2019 your year. May you conquer those demons, disappointments, anxiety, whatever it may be that is holding you back, and live your best life. Because you only get this one life on earth.



LINKS: Visit’s Annie McKee blog here. Gorgeous stock photos: Check out The Giving Keys here. 

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