One Word 2018: Let Go

In past years I have had my one little word for the new year come to me by December. Not this year.

This year has been a little more labor intensive to find it. I had a handful of words picked out but not one seemed right.

Then I saw the Bible verse of Philippians 3:14 posted on my Instagram feed.

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Let Go. It hit me in the gut.

Technically, that’s two words, but it works.

Let go of the hurt that someone, who will remain nameless here, has caused me in 2017.

Let go of the expectation that my hard work will be recognized at the office.

Let go of holding too tight to the girls that they don’t grow themselves.

Let go of desperately looking for a job that is more creative. Trust it will happen when it is right.

Let go of the idea of perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist.

Let go of worrying about things that I can’t control.

Let go of trying to do it all, in personal and profession life. Delegate.

Let go of what “could have been”.

Let go of regret.

Let go of what “once was”. Accept the here and now.

Let go of the I-am-not-good-enough-to-do-that attitude.

Let go of past sins and look forward.

Let go and let God. He’s got this. Let go and trust that He has great plans for us.

Let go of things that don’t really matter. Let go to focus on the great prize at the end, which is Christ. This is what Philippians 3:14 really means. Paul writes that we must focus on the goal ahead. Paul stresses the importance of moving forward and not focusing on our past poor choices. One cannot move forward when we focus on the past.

Just, let go in 2018.


Source Reference: A great source for understanding the true meaning of Bible verses is Bible Ref. It is important to understand the context in which the author of the verse has written. I would recommend checking out this valuable online source.

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One thought on “One Word 2018: Let Go

  1. Let go of the expectation that my hard work will be recognized at the office.

    This makes me sad. But I am grateful every single day that you’re on my team. And I know it’s likely not me, but, I know and I will be sure that I am recognizing your talent and what you bring to the party every. single. day.


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