Planning Christmas gifts that are meaningful

Millions of families in Asia are entrenched in poverty, barely scraping by. And here we are, in America, blessed as living in the greatest nation in modern history, with the most advantages and freedom of any country…what will we do with our blessings?

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” (Luke 12:48)

It’s easy to think that the wealthy are the ones who have been “given much” but in reality aren’t we all wealthy in some way? Not just in the bank account but also in talent, in knowledge, in compassion, in time, in freedom?

GFA catalog, gifts with meaning

This week my Gospel for Asia Christmas catalog landed in my mailbox and I have already dog-eared about 5 pages with gift ideas that are driven by compassion and meaning.

Because there are little girls and boys forced to work in brick factories at the age of five to help feed their families.

Because the clean drinking water that flows freely from my tap is not the norm for many in Asia where the battle against waterborne illnesses and death are their reality.

Because a small piece of Gospel literature may be the first and only knowledge of Christ and someone’s journey to knowing Jesus, which is the greatest gift of all.

Because there is a real war against women and girls in Asia where they are valued as less than, blamed for their spouses death, shunned by their communities, sold into slavery, raped and beaten, and kept uneducated as a way of control.

Because I have been given much I am planting Small Seeds.

If this Christmas season your heart is calling to give gifts that back and mean more for humanity…well, this is your year!


  1. Child Sponsorship: “Intense heat scorched Bina’s skin as she worked at the brick factory. The 5-year-old should have been in school, but instead she had to help feed her family.” Sponsor a child like Bina in GFA’s Bridge of Hope center where children learn to read, write, the love of Jesus and have a chance at a brighter future. $35 monthly / $420 yearly
  2. BioSand Water Filter: The gift of clean water. One of the many things we take for granted when clean water comes from the tap. The BioSand Water Filter purifies dirty water to make it clean enough for drinking, cooking and cleaning. The chances of contracting a waterborne illness is great and can result in death. This filter removes 98% of biological impurities. $30
  3. Women’s Literacy Fund: Imagine not being able to read or write and trying to earn a living. Giving to the Women’s Literacy Fund you not only are helping teach women to read and write but also helping them make a better life for themselves and their children. $25
  4. Widows and Abandoned Children Fund: “In many areas of Asia, widows are an invisible part of society. They are commonly ignored, rejected, and believed to be cursed and the cause if their husband’s death.” They were raised to believe this about themselves as well. Children are often left living on the streets, vulnerable to human trafficking. This Fund changes that. It offers food, shelter and, most of all, hope where there is none. $75
  5. Small Seed Bible Campaign: Give the gift of the Word to those who have never hear the name Jesus. Your any amount gift goes directly to buying Bibles. 1 Bible cost $5!


There you have it…5 gift giving ideas that will keep on giving, and make someone’s world a better place to live. Now, go plant a Small Seed!

*I am a Gospel for Asia blogger. I do not get paid for my endorsement; this is something I am passionate about writing. Information is sourced from the GFA Christmas Catalog. To learn more go to

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