Happiness in life is more about who than what

Happiness in life is an elusive thing. I can be happy at an event or moment in life, but to sustain that happiness beyond the moment or event is a little harder to do. For most people, happiness is difficult to achieve continuously throughout life.

Life is like a rollercoaster, with extreme happiness ups and gut-wrenching downs.

Like George says, happiness in life is to love and be loved. Happiness is found in those around us. But people are difficult and complicated and messy, and frankly, sometimes hard to love. The bad in the world can drown out all the good and wonderful in the world, thus hurting our happiness factor. It can sometimes be hard to love in a messy world.

Depression and anxiety play a big role in my happiness. When the depression/anxiety monster has his hold, it’s hard to find happiness. Or even be happy.

There is a difference between being happy and having happiness. Happiness is a state of mind, of being, content in life. Happiness is a state of being happy. That is why it is skillfully evasive.

For example, one thing that makes me happy is a tall cup of hot coffee, perfectly sweetened, with the house quiet in the morning before everyone wakes up. But it’s not the kind of happy that will bring me happiness forever. It’s temporary happy. And that would be lonely if it happened every day.

Back to what George is saying: Happiness is more about a who than a what

  • Happiness is more about who is in our life rather than what is in our life. Valuing and prioritized people will bring us happiness, and make this world a happier place to be.
  • Happiness cannot be found in things. Valuing and prioritizing things will only lead to us feeling empty and needing more things to try to fill the happiness void.
  • Happiness is being at peace with ourselves, who we are and what we have right now. Getting caught in the comparison trap will never led to happiness. It will do the opposite. I am talking to you, social media. We are who we are. Be happy with that and you will find happiness.
  • Happiness is not pretending to be something we are not. Happiness comes from being authentic and genuine with others. Besides, it’s exhausting pretending to be who we were not meant to be.
  • Happiness is making time to do the things we love to do. We may not be doing the job we love but we can do things we love. And doing nothing will get you more of the same…unhappiness.
  • Happiness comes from being at peace with God. “Peace with God paves the way to peace with ourselves and equips us to make peace with others.” -Andy Stanley. I love the quote because it underscores our relationship with God. If we know Him and understand that there is a purpose for our life, that this rough time is only a moment, and we are peace with that, we are then able to see the bigger picture for our life. It is not about the here and now. It’s bigger. And the second part of that quote…
  • Happiness is being at peace with others. “And He replied to him. You shall love your Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your minds. 38 This is  the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” The greatest commandment, Matthew 22:37-39. You cannot mistreat someone God loves and be okay with God, and He be okay with you. God loves your mean neighbor, your annoying co-worker, your ex-spouse, your ex-best friend, the grouchy lady at the drive-thru, the opposing political side. Once we accept that and show them love and understanding we will know peace and happiness.

One last thought. If the burden of unhappiness is dragging you down. If you are in a pit of depression. If your feelings or attitude are making you and your loved ones miserable, please seek help. We were not put on this earth to go it alone. He created us to do this human thing together. Don’t suffer in silence.

I truly believe that one way to boost your happiness factor is by encouraging and supporting others who are feeling down or just have a lot on their plate. It helps you feel better by being less self-absorbed, and it helps someone who needs some kindness in their day. Remember, we are all walking a long hard road in this life. Sometimes just asking, “What can I do to help?” is enough to boost another person’s happiness; knowing that you are there for them.

The above photo is of mini encouragement cards from the Hello Happiness Card Company. Maybe it’s because I work in the printing industry that I love this idea so much. A greeting card is a great encourager but a mini card, one that can be carried in a wallet or purse as a reminder that they are loved and valued and cherished. Priceless. Please check them out and spread a little happiness around your world today. #Small Seeds

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