Weekend Wandering: Art in An Uncommon Way

“Do common things in an uncommon way and you will command the attention of the world.” ~Unknown

uncommon things quote

This is a painting along a bike path near my home. This artwork leads one on the trail through a tunnel running under a major highway. The City of Westminster commissioned artist to create beautiful artwork in unexpected places. Like, painting art along a trail that runs underneath a highway.

Here’s a truth about me: art and creating feeds my soul. And my soul feels a little starved lately. But I am working to change that.

I was crudely reminded this week of how short this life on earth truly is. My dear friend lost her mother this week. It was unexpected and sudden and heart wrenching. And yet, affirming that we must make good on our time here, because it’s fleeting. Don’t squander your time.

So, in celebration of uncommon art, and a little lighter post for a change—except for that heavy paragraph above–here’s a round-up of artist who are creating art in an uncommon way. Maybe you will find inspiration to create something yourself this weekend.

ART BAR: I ❤️  this post about painting fall leaves with chalk paint. And, seriously, this project isn’t just for kids.

Alisa Burke: Because the world needs color like this! Her art is eye candy for the creative soul.

Brave Girls Club: You have to see what she did with an old, ugly Christmas sweater. It will make you run to your closet in search of an ugly sweater of your own!

Artist pictured above: Naomi Haverland, “Sunny Smiles and Dandelaughter”; David Ocelotl Garcia, “Wild Westminster”.

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