Weekend Wandering: Finding the Fruit

not all who wander are lost

Sometimes I am wandering around the blog world and happen upon a writer that just has a way with words. A blogger that says exactly what my heart is feeling at that moment. A blogger who strings words together in a poetic fashion it makes me a bit envious. Like, Fione Lynne.

“I’m learning to let the black and white labels go. It was far easier when I knew the answers—what beliefs were right, what were wrong. Which people were living right, which were definitely living wrong. But God keeps confronting me with beautiful lilac flowers when I expected something ugly and destructive. It’s a thoroughly confusing way to live life, and yet somehow, it’s also simpler. Jesus—who knew a thing or two about gardens—said, “You will know them by their fruits,” and so these days I try and look for the fruit. Where is goodness and love and kindness and compassion? Where is hope and courage and justice and equality?” Fiona Koefoed-Jespersen

With this country clashing over confederate statues, neo-nazi marches, the President, it’s hard to see the fruit sometimes. It can be easy to only see the rotten fruit. The decay can suck you down. We have to remember to find the fruit. Even if we have to dig deep to find it. And maybe, this week, it’s in a single yellow mountain wildflower.

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