Where do you turn to in time of pain?

We all experience pain in life. Pain comes in many forms. Physical or mental, it’s all pain.

This is the story of one woman who turned to Christ after many years of pain…and gained everything.

Madira was desperate. This pain which had tortured her for years was only getting worse. Initially, she had sought professional treatment from doctors, but they were unable to ease her pain. So Madira turned to witch doctors who prescribed method after method in a vain attempt to ease her suffering. After six years, the witch doctors gave up. Madira was left to suffer on her own.

But she wouldn’t suffer forever.

Somehow, in spite of the haze of pain, Madira remembered a gift that her brother had given to her over sixteen years ago. It was a Bible. God’s Word is truly living and powerful.

Please read on to see how she uncovered God’s truth and healing after 16 years of suffering!

*I am a Gospel for Asia blogger. I did not get paid for this post. The words and photo above are the property of GFA. To learn more about GFA’s good works in South Asia, please visit their website here.

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