To all the Mean Moms out there…Happy Mother’s Day!

There are two things that are guaranteed when you become a mother…

  1. you will catch your child’s puke in your hands;
  2. and you will be called a Mean Mom by one, or all your children

It will happen once, twice, or even more times than you can count. And if you have more than one kid, that can add up!

It will happen when you (gasp) say no to a request to attend a road trip with friends four states away. It will happen when you say no to buying the latest tech gadget, designer shoes, or you say no to a trip to the mall to buy whatever. It will happen pretty much anytime you rain on their parade by saying no. Because you are so dang mean, Mom.

It will happen just about every time they stomp off to their room, slamming the door behind them, because you have the audacity to say no for their own good. Geez, Mom.

>> Being called a Mean Mom is just part of the job of being a Good Mom. <<<

mean mom bad mom t-shirt

To the moms who don’t listen to what other moms say of their parenting style (or think you are a bad mom). We are doing what works for our family, not yours. And our family is the most important one of all. So back off, mean girl.

To the moms who have the guts to stand up and say, “Oh, no you don’t, daughter!” You are not doing that…saying that…or going there.

To the moms who make the hard choices about what to do with their troubled teen. Here’s to making heart-wrenching choices and knowing that in that moment your child hates you as much as you love them. And you do it away because that is mother-love.

To the moms who say, “no” when all the other moms said, “yes”. Because you are their parent not their friend. You know by saying no you are saving them from a potential bad choice or situation. Today they don’t get it, but one day they will.

To the moms who work two jobs or long hours so their children will have a better, easier life. Here’s to the moms who are making it work everyday and are exhausted because of it.

To the moms with mom-guilt. Oh, wait, that is all of us. Here’s to us.

To the moms who go find their underage-child drinking at a party, and drag their butt home. Because embarrassing them in front of their friends is the least of your worries.

To the moms who make the agonizing choice to let their child learn lessons the hard way because they just won’t listen to your advice, over and over again. Here’s to you who pray every night they will find their wings and soar. Before they go to jail.

To the moms who unfriend their ungrateful blaming-everyone-but-themselves adult child on social media because all they do is bad mouth you and your family. You may not want to be their social media friend, but you still love them.

To the moms who tosses their child’s bedroom looking for drug paraphernalia or alcohol. And find it. Then make the hard decisions to ask them to leave the house if they can’t abide by the family rules.

To the mom’s who stand by watching their child complete community service, all the while she will never know it is hurting you more than it is hurting her.

To the moms of my-house-my-rules. Here’s to the moms who have rules and follow through with consequences in their home.

Moms do it all at the risk of being labeled a Mean Mom.

Because we moms know that being mean is done for the love of our children, that, and…motherhood ain’t for those with a weak stomach.

To my mom, who had the courage to be a Mean Mom, and all my friends who care enough to be Mean Moms. Happy Mother’s Day! Keep being a Mean Mom!

We should start a club called the Mean Mom Society. We’ll get t-shirts made and everything. 😉

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