Maybe I want a quiet, simple life

Maybe I don’t want to participate in the rat race, the breaking of the glass ceiling, or climbing the corporate ladder.

Maybe I don’t want to be so busy that I wear busy like a badge of honor.

Maybe I don’t want to keep up with the Jones’, live beyond my means, or have a big house that I will have to clean.


Maybe I want the world to slow down, stop pressuring me to do, go, get.

Maybe I don’t have a desire to travel to Africa, Haiti, or another far-reaching place to build a church, hospital, or school; but I have a heart to fill bags of food for various food drives & food banks in my city.

Maybe I want to plant Small Seeds by campaigning for Bible donations in Asia, give money for a sewing machine fundraiser, or donate time and money for leukemia research, and blog to inform others about women’s plight in parts of the world.

Maybe I want a life where I have time to binge watch the Netflix show of my choosing and not feel guilty about it.

Maybe I want to buy a nice car but not one that is like a mortgage payment.

Maybe I won’t change the world but I want to change my little world with simple, random acts of kindness.

Maybe I want to work a creative job I like, that is valuable, but doesn’t literally save lives.

Maybe I want to turn my phone off, or not answer a text, just for a little while.

Maybe I want to steal quiet evenings in the backyard with my growing kids and kind neighbors instead of dining in fancy restaurants with too many forks on the table.

Maybe I don’t want hundreds of Facebook friends; instead I want to make real connections with a few like-minded, simple living women, and that’s enough.

Maybe I don’t want my kids enrolled in endless activities and sports training programs; instead I want my kids to have a quiet childhood, free of chaos, drama, and strive, while playing sports or doing activities they love, that encourage them to do better.

Maybe I want to raise good human beings with love, faith, and hope rather than raise children who get into Harvard…although they can do both. It’s about balance.

Maybe I want a quiet, simple life. Is that so bad?

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