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Do you make New Years resolutions? Not me. I always have good intentions to get in shape. Then, by February I am sitting on the couch eating guacamole and chips, watching The Biggest Loser.

Instead of a resolution I choose One Word. One word helps keep me focused for 365 days.

There is only one rule for my word: My word must mean something deeply to me, or I will just forget about it, and end up doing nothing at all…or eat a huge heaping bowl of guacamole and chips.

Every year I wait.

I wait for my One Word to speak to me. Some years it’s been a load roar, and other years it’s been a soft whisper.

2016 was the year of gratitude for me; then this summer my word changed unexpectedly.

Just when the crap was hitting the fan around our house….my gratitude journal turned into a prayer journal…and that, PRAYER, has been my word ever since. And it kind of saved my sanity, talking to God.

I feel Prayer isn’t done with me yet. So, 2017’s word will continue to be Prayer.

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Because this world can use more prayers. And me too.

Scripture instructs us to pray. Jesus did it. (Luke 5:16 is just one example.) Prayer is one way we foster a relationship with God.

Here are three things I am doing to strengthen my prayer life in 2017:

  • Reading and focusing on scripture, then praying about what I read. It’s easy to pray about what I want Him to do to fix the messes in my life. But it’s not really about the messes being fixed, it’s how I handle those messes, and trusting that He is right there with me…in the middle of the mess. Pray helps me realize that.
  • Keeping a prayer and gratitude journal. Because of my natural desire to write (I have kept a journal for years), this one just fits for me. It sits on my nightstand along with my Bible and a mug full of different colored pens to, you know, keep it colorful and creative. Even though everything is handy, I still battle to write a prayer when I am exhausted and just want to sleep. It’s an appointment I will need to work to keep.
  • I will pray for others. There are so many in my life who are struggling. Whether it’s health, professional, marriage, whatever. I will pray for them as well.

So, what’s your word for 2017?

one little word

I am linking up with the Faith Barista. Looking for uplifting encouragement for the new year? Go check out the wonderful ladies also sharing their #OneWordCoffee. And she is giving away $100 of Word Matter Letterpress Blocks from Dayspring!


Some of my One Words that I have chosen in the past:

2009: Be, as in “just be in the moment.”

2010: Faith

2011: Nourish.

2012: Explore

2013: Joy

2014: Leap

2015: Create

2016 (first half): Gratitude; (second half) Prayer

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  1. Prayers is a great word! God does so much with us through prayer. It is a word that hopefully draws you close to HIM. Coming over from One Word.


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