10 gifts that give back

Now that everyone is in a post-Halloween induced candy coma we can start thinking about Christmas.

What? No?

Okay, usually I say, “No Christmas talk until after Thanksgiving.” But here’s the deal: sometimes you need to think ahead.

Like, when you want to give gifts that give back to humanity. Gifts that say more than, “I got this on sale at Target.” No offense to Target.

Gospel for Asia’s new Christmas catalog landed in my mailbox a few weeks back and I have already dog-eared about 5 pages.

So, if you are thinking this year is the year you want your gifts to give back and mean more for humanity…well, this is your year!


  1. Chickens: Supplement a family’s income with chickens and be a part of helping a family get back on their feet financially. One pair of chickens is only $11!
  2. Pigs: A pair of pigs can produce dozens of off-spring, which a family can eat or sell to earn an income. One pair of pigs is only $65!
  3. Bicycle: National workers are able to travel further on bike and minister to non-believers. A bicycle is only $110!
  4. Missionary Sponsorship: Missionaries are serving the neediest people in the world. Give the gift of Christ. Sponsorship is only $30 per month!
  5. BioSand Water Filter: The gift of clean water. One of the many things we take for granted when clean water comes from the tap. The BioSand Water Filter purifies dirty water to make it clean enough for drinking, cooking and cleaning. A water filter is only $30!
  6. Gospel Tracts: A Gospel Tract gives someone the opportunity to read about God’s love for them, or is read aloud to those who are illiterate. 200 tracts are only $1; 1,000 tracts are $5; 10,000 tracts are $50!
  7. Vacation Bible School: Young hearts singing, dancing and learning about Jesus…what could be better? Vacation Bible School is only $5!
  8. Winter Clothing Packet: Packets include a blanket, a jacket, and a sweater. Show Jesus’ love in a very warm and practical way. A packet is only $40!
  9. Women’s Literacy Fund: Imagine not being able to read or write and trying to earn a living. Giving to the Women’s Literacy Fund you not only are helping teach women to read and write but also helping them make a better life for themselves and their children. Literacy Fund is only $25!
  10. Small Seed Bible Campaign: Give the gift of the Word to those who have never hear the name Jesus. Your any amount gift goes directly to buying Bibles. (One Bible cost only $5)!
  11. {Bonus} And…if you’re feeling extra generous, there is always the Heavy-duty Vehicle for $17,000! Help missionaries reach remote villages and share the love of Christ.

There you have it…10 11 ideas to give gifts that will keep on giving. Now, go make your list.

*I am a Gospel for Asia blogger. I do not get paid for my endorsement; this is something I am passionate about writing. Information is sourced from the GFA Christmas Catalog. To learn more go to GFA.org.

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