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LISTEN TO THIS: There are 80,000 people who will die today in South Asia without ever hearing about Jesus Christ.

They don’t know his name, let alone that He died for them. Let that sink in a moment.

They don’t know HIM.

97% of these unreached people live in an area called the 10/40 window. Yet, every $20 in the Western church, only 1¢ goes towards sharing the Good News in the area of greatest need. The 10/40 window also holds less than 1% of all Gospel literature and Christian broadcasting.

What can you do? Reach out to the unreached.

Why reach out? Because God reached out to us. It’s that Simple. It is our privilege as believers to share the Gospel with others.

How do we reach out? Over 85% of Asian countries do not allow Western missionaries to share the Gospel. However, thousands of national missionaries are committed to reaching their own people, no matter the costs.

What can you do? These missionaries need support from Christians around the world to share the love of Christ. GFA sends 100% of the money donated for work on the mission field to the designated project campaign. Nothing is taken out for administrative costs in the West.


These missionaries need our help spreading the Word. They need Bibles. Can you imagine being a Christian but not having a Bible to study the Word of God?

In our house, we have 6 Bibles. I take for granted my freedom of religion, all the while there are people literally dying for that same right.

Without a Bible, Christians in these countries find it hard to study the Word, walk in the Word, and live in the Word. Their faith-walk is limited.

Small seeds

That’s where you and I come in. Do you love Christ? Do you long to make a difference? Even the smallest contribution can make a huge difference in someone’s life today. That is the concept behind Small Seeds. Do something small today, and grow in compassion and faith in a big way.  

When we share Christ’s love and plant small seeds we are making the world a better place.

Recently I reached my Bible Small Seeds Campaign goal of $100 so I decided to plant more small seeds.

The campaign has a new goal, to buy more Bible, to reach more people who have never heard of the love of Jesus. Will you join me?

PLANT A SMALL SEED TODAY | Join the Small Seeds campaign or start your own campaign today!

Learn more about the great Unreached here.

*I am a Gospel for Asia blogger. I do not get paid for my endorsement; this is something I am passionate about writing. All information and stats are sourced from GFA. A portion of this post first appeared here in August, 2014.


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