This is the summer that…

This summer found the girls getting an education on how their mama grew up in Missouri. And a culture shock for these city girls. It’s a hillbilly life, for sure. You can read about it here.

Lake of the ozarks My mama skills were tested to the max. This the summer I discovered all is not well in my house. Besides feeling like I was slapped across the face, it was a disheartening hard road for a long time. But, as they say, “it’s only a season”…and that road is curving into a new, exciting direction. Lord help us to keep this journey moving in the right direction. Amen.

1972 dodge chargerIt’s been a summer of evening drives in the Charger. Sometimes the whole family goes, but most times it’s bonding time with Alex and Dad. And that is a good thing. Because a girl needs her father.

1972 dodge chargerAlex always rides shotgun in the Charger.

imageSchool clothes shopping is fun. Even if the dress feels a little too fancy for School. And, as you can see in the background, the house is not in order.

Black labThere was many evening walks with the dogs. Thor loves his walks.

Chocolate cherry cupcakesA summer of office birthday parties. I am the official cake/cupcake baker for birthdays. This is a variation on my mother-in-law’s easy chocolate cherry cake, made into cupcake form. One box of chocolate cake mix, 2 eggs, and a can of cherry pie filling. That’s it. Bake at 350° for 10 minutes or so until done in center. Fool your friends at how delicious this is. Top with homemade frosting, chocolate or a vanilla variety, it won’t matter. Did I mention how delicious this is?

Summer quiltThis quilt found a new home. It took me a year to finish it up and now it’s with my lil sis in Florida. I named it “Don’t worry, be happy” because it’s a happy quilt with the bright colors, and because I needed less worry and more happy at the time when I was finishing it up. (Colorful fabric by Sweetwater Fabrics.)

Easy bright quilt❤️💚💛

Back to schoolFirst day of school pictures. One in high school (yikes) and the other getting closer to middle school. Can you say “not ready”?

Back to schoolI love her backpack. So colorful and happy…just like Parker.

I needed my mountain fix. A quick trip to Mt. Evans fit the bill. You can read more and see all the pictures of that trip at Colorful Travels.

Mt. Evans coloradoBasically, it’s been a long summer. I am ready for a new season in more ways than one.

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