4 things that are saving my life right now

It’s a difficult season for me right now, maybe for you too. Too much to write in a post; plus do you really want to read about my problems when you have your own to worry about?

The answer is a resounding NO!

When it feels like everything is going wrong, it’s easy to focus on just that. We have no problem ranting to others about what is so bad about our life.

Then someone, like Modern Mrs. Darcy, comes along and reminds me to take a step back, and acknowledge stuff that is going right. Among all the wrong things, there is always something right. Right?

Thing that are saving my life

4 things (big and small) that are saving my chaotic, messy life right now:

1. My husband not working. Yeah, the money we could use. But it’s winter and he is a landscaper which means he is home and able to pick the girls up from school, vacuum, and start dinner. I have an hour commute in the evening; he is a life saver right now.

2. Doodling, Zentangle, sketching, or as I like to call it: Mindless Creativity. There is no place to arrive, no deadline to meet, no one telling me how it should be done…it’s just pen on paper. Mistakes almost always lead to a cool finished drawing, unlike the printing world where people die everyday. (Just kidding. Nobody actually dies, but people act like they will.)

3. Wearing jeans to work. Before my company was bought out, our dress code was no jeans…almost never. The new el hefe doesn’t care if we wear jeans, as long as we look professional, i.e. no holes in the jeans. I still wear professional attire, but at least two days a week (or more) I get a break with jeans. And my feet thank me, as I don’t wear heels with jeans. 😉

4. Netflix binge watching. I should be cleaning the house, because since going back to work full time, my house is messier. How to Get Away with Murder, The Blacklist, and Cutthroat Kitchen are all an easy reality escape. It’s been said that watching too much TV is bad for you, well, so is too much stress. It’s all in moderation. Maybe I should vacuum in between episodes?

So, what is saving your life right now?

4 thoughts on “4 things that are saving my life right now

  1. Great blog post, once again! Saving me right now is focusing on my spring time racing schedule and having the girls home for Spring Break! 🙂 Binge watching is fun, too! We’ve watched Fuller House. But, my favorites are the Blacklist and my all time favorites, Prison Break and Breaking Bad. Take care!


  2. I have no idea what is saving me right now, haha how about chocolate bars! and okay praying, not in this crazy super spiritual way but being really real, without tryin gto make sense of things. Praying and crying, sometimes weeping. Yip hard season – feeling you! Hey that kind of art is so amazing, no pressure just a space, I could use that. Blessings Aliyah


    1. Never underestimatethe power of a good cry. LOL Chocolate works too as well as praying! So, all are good options, Aliyah


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