#Gratitude: One Word

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. We’re pretty excited here in Denver. My 14-year-old has developed an interest in football this season. So much so that she said she didn’t care what we did for the big game as long as she gets to watch it!

So, she planned the menu, we ordered special Super Bowl 50/Broncos cupcakes, she will be wearing her Broncos Sanders jersey (she asked for a jersey for her birthday, how great is that?), and we will be tuned it.

I am grateful that we will have a house full of football-loving neighbor’s to share this day with.  Speaking of grateful…gratitude is my one word for 2016, but I must confess, like most resolutions I started off strong and have since fizzled.

I haven’t wrote anything in my gratitude journal for February. Sigh.

I happened upon this little video by Marie Forleo about gratitude this morning. It’s entitled, “The most powerful gratitude practice you’re not doing”. Ummm, let’s hear it, Marie. I loved it so much, I subscribed to her YouTube channel!

I hope you enjoy it too.

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