DIY Gumball Machine Christmas Ornament

I am finding it hard to get into the mood this holiday season. I think a lot of it has to do with stress at work and strife in the world. And, even though I am taking my own advice, I still feel as though this holiday is like heavy weights tied around my ankles. As I type that, it sounds so depressing honest.

I keep telling myself that I am choosing well the things that really matter, but really I am choosing not to do. I am choosing not to do things I don’t really want to do…except for maybe the Christmas cards I was semi-guilted into sending. 😉

In fact, the only thing I have really managed to do well this holiday season is lay on the couch, binge-watching Jessica Jones on Netflix.

I think my bah-humbug attitude is getting on the hubby’s nerves.

But, there is one Christmas tradition that I am not skipping…making a creative ornament to give to friends and family. This year’s ornament: Gumball Machine.

I am terrible of giving step-by-step instructions on craft projects, so here is a lazy-girl’s tutorial (and I think you can figure it out):

Gumball Machine DIY Christmas Ornament

Need more last minute DIY Ornament ideas with lazy tutorials? Try these Cupcake Ornaments, Santa Belly Ornaments, Scrabble Inspirational Words Ornament…and when you’re done with all that crafting, have a tasty Frozen Hot Chocolate. Yes, frozen! It’s delish.

snow cupcake

Yesterday was a snow day, so I made a cake. 🍰

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