Times have changed but the fear is the same

I came of age in the 80s, singing along with my cassette tapes “like a virgin” before I really understood what that song meant. It was a time when every teenage girl in my small town wanted to be like Madonna or Cyndi Lauper. “Girls just wanna have fun” was our anthem. Neon, large earrings, and funky prints were our uniform; Aquanet was our secret weapon.

The 80s was a fun time to grow up…for kids. For adults, it was also a scary time.

Cold War and the threat of communism was the fear du jour.

Duck and cover
Source: WikiCommons, circa 1962, not 1982

The USSR had nuclear weapons and they were pointed right at the USA. I didn’t think much about the impending doom of nukes pointed directly at us from across the world. I was a self-absorbed teenager, after all. That was until one day in science class.

True story: My science teacher, Mrs. Moser, during a routine tornado drill, informed us that if the Russians dropped the bomb we where to crawl under our desks for shelter. I was like, wait, what?

That advise is antiquated and laughable today, but she was dead serious with her directions…and her fear wasn’t lost on me.

Then, there was the movie Red Dawn. People were scared of the USSR. That fear showed up in movies, book, & music. It was then I first realized there were big fears in the world. I was kind of an impressionable girl.

The world was scary then. It’s scary still. In 2015, not much has changed except the fear isn’t Russia, it’s ISIS. Every generation has their fear.

The years have rolled by but the threat hasn’t changed. We call it by different names but they are all the same: it’s good vs. evil.

From the beginning of time, in the book of Genesis in the heart of the Garden of Eden, there was the struggle of good vs evil.  History is full of examples.  Today, you can’t escape it. The assault feels almost daily.

Why is that? Is it because we humans can’t help ourselves? Because from that very first time in the Garden, when peace was offered we chose the opposite? We chosen the path away from God? Most days it feels the world is choosing that same path.

My heart is tired of seeing war, terror, and hatred. I am not tired of seeing love, kindness and courage. So, how do we fight against the fear and terror of this world? Do what was done in the beginning….the opposite.

Some antonyms of fear is calmness, love, comfort, and encouragement.

My heart is tired of the headlines, so is my body. Anxiety has physical effects too. But, my faith is still here. Doesn’t He command us, “Do not fear”? Maybe the best defense to terror is to refuse to fear.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

The best way to fight evil is not with more evil, it’s with more good. Because it’s easy to be kind to those who are kind to you. It’s harder, and more worthwhile, to show kindness when all hell breaking loose.

In this season of giving, let’s give the best gift of all. The gift of kindness.

To quote Genesis (the 80s band), “This is the world we live in. And these are the hands we’re given. Use them and let’s start trying. To make it a place worth living in.”


LINKING UP | Arabah Joy. I just discovered this amazing and encouraging faith blog. Please visit. I think you will find it as uplifting as I do. Start with this post! Love it.

6 thoughts on “Times have changed but the fear is the same

  1. Ah Jeri I love your words today! And I totally agree living in South Africa, we are daily bombarded by our rape stats (every 24 secs someone is raped) every 2 minutes some dies etc etc! I have seen how it has shut down relationships and caused intense fear, all this news, all these dread stories and yet it has been around as you rightly put it – from the beginning of time! I mean the dark ages was a reality too! So I am trying to learn baby steps not to live in this fear mayhem, but to do what Cinderella did – have courage, be kind and believe in a little bit of magic!
    P.S. I love your new blog, very cool! Have an awesome day Aliyah 🙂


    1. Sweet Aliyah, your words are encouraging today. It’s true. The terror is all a matter of ones reality. Imagine if during the Dark Arks there was the Internet? Imagine the 24/7 coverage…people would have gone out of their minds!


      1. Exactly! Because that’s all that’s happening here, the media is creating a huge big deal, playing in to small stories (and big ones) and capitalising on the drama it causes – tsk tsk! Yip, I almost feel like people are going out of their minds in this tech age of ours, lol!


      2. The Media is really good at that! 😉 Things they should be focusing on, they are not. Glad to know it’s not just the U.S. Media that does it. Lol


  2. Thank you for this encouraging post. I have been anxious and fearful, especially in deciding to send Belly to Wash DC with the class in April (deadline is soon!). I appreciate your perspective! Last week, we turned off the tv and went shopping for underprivileged kids for Christmas. Spreading love and compassion does help a lot to conquer fear. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I enjoy your posts!


    1. Thank you, Erin! The Washington trip is scary for me too, and I don’t need to worry about the issues Belly is dealing with. I agree that thinking about someone other than ourselves helps to calm our anxiety…because we are being that light for someone in need. We can use a lot more light in this world.


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