Give thanks in the everyday

We are practicing gratitude with our 30 Things around here. Because every little thing is a gift. It is a reason to give thanks. I am working my way to 1,000 things…because we all need more thankfulness, recognize His gift, big and small, in our life.

Give thanks in the everyday

Taking account of the little, everyday things in our November thankful jar, written on Popsicle sticks thus far:

  • Thankful for snow…the snow is pretty, but wish I didn’t have to drive in it.
  • Thankful for two people at work who are on my side when it feels like no one else is.
  • Thankful Jesus loves and give me grace everyday.
  • Thankful God blesses me, even though I sin. Daily.
  • Thankful a friend lives nearby for Parker to play with.
  • Thankful to relax on weekend and de-compress with a little binge-watching on Netflix.
  • Thankful for cheap air flight from KC to DEN so mom will be here for Thanksgiving.
  • Thankful for love.
  • Thankful for food.
  • Thankful for Starbucks coffee breaks.
  • Thankful the for the four-stores-to-find-the-right-lightbulb didn’t completely break when I dropped it on the driveway….only cracked.
  • Thankful for friends.
  • Thankful for the paycheck a full-time jobs brings.
  • Thankful for awesome morning traffic even though there is 4″ of snow…traffic should be a mess.
  • Thankful for a friendly ear to listen and commiserate.
  • Thankful my family ordered pizza for dinner after I came home for a very rough day at work.
  • Thankful for our dogs.
  • Thankful for mommy and daddy.
  • Thankful for waterproofing spray to potect my boots.

Give thanks in the everyday craft

This is just some of the silly, little, big, heartfelt things we are thankful for this season. And really, isn’t it the little things that make our day? What are some of the little things that you are thankful for? Are you writing them down and practicing gratitude too?

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