4 ways to get everything you ever wanted

Be Grateful

The Halloween decorations have been stored away. I am finding empty candy wrappers on the floor…evidence of trick-or-treating overboard.  And we know what season follows Halloween? Not Christmas, like advertisers would like us to believe. It’s the season of gratitude…November.

4 Ways to Get Everything You Ever Wanted:

  1.  Want Less. The grass is greener…resist the urge to compare what you don’t have to what others have. Doing this will only lead to ungratefulness. There will always be someone with a bigger house, the car you have always wanted, designer shoes. Comparing your life to theirs will only crush your self-esteem. You are so much more than the car you drive. Just stop comparing.
  2.  Count Your stuff. Take inventory of what is right in front of you. Right now, I am sitting in a warm house with a refrigerator semi-full of food, a min van in the driveway, and a coffee pot brewing my morning java-jolt. It may be hard to imagine but there are plenty of people in the world who don’t have those things and they wish they did.
  3. Practice Gratitude. Practicing gratitude has been proven to increase happiness. Be grateful for everything, big and small. A great way to start is by keeping a gratitude journal, list 3 things each day that you are grateful for.
  4. Share What You Have.  Henry James once said, “Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” By helping those in need you show them kindness. Your kindness matters.

Gratitude jar, thankful project, 30 days of gratitudeSpeaking of #3: every year we choose some way to remind us to practice gratitude. Some of our past gratitude project can be found here, here and here. This year it’s a gratitude jar. It’s a lot like a wish jar, but instead we will write our thanks on Popsicle sticks and place them in the jar. We will do this the entire month of November until the jar is over-flowing with gratitude.


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6 thoughts on “4 ways to get everything you ever wanted

  1. Thanks, Jeri! I am visiting from Holly Gerth today and thought this was a great post! The way you approached the theme grabbed my attention. I also loved the gratitude project(s) you offered as ideas. God bless you richly today!



  2. I love the idea of a gratitude jar. 🙂 I have two preschoolers, and there’s nothing better than a good visual of how much God has blessed us! (Although, I’m not sure my jar will look as pretty as yours… I have zero artistic capability! lol)

    Alyssa (visiting today from #CoffeeForYourHeart)


    1. Thanks, Alyssa! Ready all you need is a jar and tie ribbon around it. 😉 The important stuff is inside the jar.


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