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New Seasons Make Me Think of New Beginnings…

Of all the seasons, autumn is my favorite. The falling of the leaves signals the end of lazy summer days and the beginning of crisp days, glorious colors, dressing in layers, and pumpkin spice everything. Although I am not a fan of pumpkin spice anything, which is showing up everywhere this year, I am a fan of everything else about autumn.

It’s kind of my jam.


The turning of a new season makes me think of new beginnings. It always seems like a perfect time for a do-over, or to start something new. New adventures are down the road.


New beginning sums up my life right now. I have returned to work (in an actual office) full-time. My old boss and friend has sold his business that I work for to start his own new beginning. The new boss left the corporate world to run a small business. He too is starting out on a grand, and educational new beginning in his work life.


The new boss didn’t just purchase our small printing company, he bought another one too! He is one brave soul. 😉 So, those employees are also setting out on a new beginning with us. I can say it’s already been a grand adventure with bumps, and pot holes, and surprises.


So, 21 months ago I chose LEAP as my one little word. That word focused around leaping into the self-hosting world for my little blog. It’s also been an adventure with learning about spam bots, referrer bots, blog maintenance, plugin updates…something I didn’t read in all the books and blog articles I researched before making the leap. {sigh} Self-hosting a blog is a lot of work, more than you think. Ever.


Although I have enjoyed the new connections I have made with fellow bloggers through that blog, all the maintenance wasn’t working for me anymore. Frankly, mama ain’t got time for that! Especially since I am working full-time and doing all the other parenting duties that come with raising two beautiful girls, two crazy dogs and a husband.

So, this new season I have moved that self-hosted blog to a more manageable WordPress hosted blog located here, because WP will do all the maintenance that I don’t want to do. Which will make my life easier.

And, I am all about working smarter not harder.


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It’s a brand new season. It’s the perfect time to start something new or re-do something that isn’t working for you. I’d love to hear from you. Maybe you are starting on a grand new beginning too.

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