Because No Girl Should Miss School for This Reason

Ladies, let’s talk about maxi pads. No blushing, now. It’s a natural part of being a woman.

Some days our menstrual cycle can be down right inconvenient…and calls for a lot of chocolate. But, one thing I don’t worry about? Having maxi pads.

If I happen to look under my bathroom cabinet to find I am out of maxi pads on that faithful day, well, Target is a quick 5-minute drive from my house. And I will get chocolate while I am there. Take that, Mother Nature!

Here’s the thing, what you and I take for granted, a lot of school girls in many parts of the world don’t have the luxury to buy. The harsh reality is they can’t afford to buy maxi pads, therefore they are forced to stay home from school every month during their menstrual cycle. That could mean missing up to 5 days a month of school, resulting in girls falling behind in their studies.

Why? Nobody talks about it. It’s taboo. They can’t afford to buy hygiene products. Lots of reasons.

“Often, the sheer cost of sanitary products can be a problem. In Kenya, a pack of sanitary pad costs half the daily wage of an unskilled worker, so many girls have to use alternative methods of menstrual management.” –A World at School

Another issue: “Girls also lack access to clean, safe private toilets. There is no clean water within or near the toilets, which means there is nowhere to clean up and discreetly dispose of used menstrual product.” –A World at School

No girl should miss school because of her menstrual cycle. Ever.

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So, what are we going to do about it?

Small seeds

This is how we are going to help in 3 easy steps:

  1. We are going to click over to We Are That Family (aka Mercy House). There you will find a call to action to help girls in need in Kenya. This is just one place in the world where girls miss school because they do not have access to hygiene products.
  2. We are going to get the address listed to ship our maxi pads to Mercy House so we can fill as many suitcase as we can.
  3. Then, to make it easy of ourselves, we are going to fill our cart at Amazon and ship those maxi pads for free!* (*Order $35 or more.)

Oh, yes we are!

I would love to see the face on the customs agent who scans 100s of suitcases full of maxi pads! Wouldn’t you?

Look, it may not seem like a big deal…shipping maxi pads to Kenya. But, it’s a big deal to that girl who will not miss school just for being a woman.

This is what being a Small Seed means, my friend. We plant a small seed of compassion (do something small) that will grow big to make a difference in someone’s life.

So, let’s buy some maxi pads, ladies (and gentlemen)! Deadline is September 26, 2015.

UPDATE …And this is how many maxi pads were shipped to help girls never miss a day of school. Good job, small seeds!

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