Summer is Officially O-V-E-R…Over

School started two weeks ago. That means summer is officially O-V-E-R…over. Bring on fall?!

I thought I would dump a bunch of random photos here that have nothing to do with anything except…this was our life this summer.

Reflecting on #Summer2015

Estes Park
This is the view from our cabin outside of Estes Park, CO. I could not get tired of this view. Ever. We were here for a family reunion with family from Mississippi and California. It was truly an amazing week of getting updated on each others lives. My ‘lil bro is so cool!
estes park
The river made for a great place to take portraits. Parker is still happy to strike a pose for me.
Estes Park
Unlike this teenager who almost never lets me take her beautiful picture these days.
There was one day when Alex and I ran out to the grocery store 20 minutes away. We also had a little girl bonding time with a Starbucks and we stopped to take in the beauty of Longs Peak. The storm was rolling in over the mountains. I want to move here.
Alberta Falls
We hiked to Alberta Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. Everyone (including the kids) were troopers. The hike was a little longer than we all anticipated. So gorgeous!
Estes Park
Parker riding her bike at the cabin and keeping a look out for bears, which we never saw.
The kitchen got a face lift from cream to white…and this is the cleanest it’s been all summer!
In June we headed to the Black Hills with my mom. Along with checking out all the National sites like Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Needles Hwy and Wall Drugs, we treated hubby to a helicopter ride for Father’s Day. He was like a kid with candy in a helicopter. 😉
Girls night (meaning one 8-yr-old and two 13-yr-olds) in Downtown Denver and the Cheesecake Factory.
We may or may not have ate our weight in S’mores. And set a few marshmallows on fire for fun.
One bedroom wall painted with chalkboard paint. Alex practiced her freehand mandala. I wish we had chalkboard paint when I was a teenager…
Was gifted my new favorite mug. Thanks Kathleen ❤

And, finally, goodbye Summer 2015. It’s time for schedules and homework and sport events and after school activities and looking forward to Parker turning 9.

These two are looking too cool for school in their Converse. I tell my teen that she is way cooler than I ever was (or will be). I wonder out loud if I was her age would she be my friend? She said, “Yes”. Aaahhh, she is such a liar! 😉

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