Art Journal: 5 Random Things About Me

Target isles are fully stocking with school supplies, and that could only mean one thing…summer is almost over. So too is our summer art journaling series. This week’s prompt is 5 Random Things About Me.

Art journaling prompt: 5 random things about me

1. I believe chips & queso should be an acceptable meal option. Just chips & queso for dinner…not everyday, but some days.

2. My playlist looks like that of a 12-year-old girl’s. #TooOldForMeghanTrainor

3. I use fake names at Starbucks because the barista never spells my name right. My favorite is “Michelle”. Sometimes I used my daughter’s names too.

4. I am a font snob. I will never use Comic Sans or Papyrus. Ever. And I will secretly judge you for using either one.

5. My favorite super villain is Loki, but I have a Black Lab named Thor who is afraid of thunder.

Here are a few of my favorite projects in my art journal:

Art journaling prompts and ideas


Art journaling prompts and ideas


Art journaling prompts and ideas


Art journaling prompts and ideas


The hot air balloon pictured above is cut from a magazine, then I used a pen to journal Psalm 51:8-12 on the page.

I hope you have enjoyed Art journaling this summer. Drop me a comment and let me know. Feel free to leave a link to your work too, I’ll check it out.

If you missed it, it’s never too late to Art Journal. Get your free Summer Art Journaling Prompts here.

One thought on “Art Journal: 5 Random Things About Me

  1. Ah Jeri I just love the things you share – creative is something meaningful and special. Love your art journal and gla dyou had a great summer. We are deep in winter here, even as I type the wind is gusting down and its freezing. But I must confess I am a winter fan more then summer! Thanks for sharing your journalling memories! Aliyah


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