Free Summer Art Journaling Series…Collage

Continuing on our Summer Art Journaling Series this week is collages. Or, as I like to call it: Cut & Paste Therapy. It’s therapy because it is a technique that is actually used in some therapies, and a whole lot cheaper than shopping therapy. It’s also relaxing and one of the easiest ways to make art. Yes, it is art.

In art speak, collage simply means “to glue”. Using different images to create something new. You can create a collage using images from old magazines, images printed from the internet, junk mail, photos, or all of the above.

PROMPT: Make a Collage Page of (insert your idea here):

Collage Journals

Kitchen Inspiration…right now I am dreaming of remodeling my cramped, galley kitchen. So this collage is an inspiration page of how I would remodel my kitchen, if I got a chance.

collage journaling

Or, a dream vacation…one of them anyway.

art journaling collage with stickers

Or, a favorite sport shown here using stickers…

photo journaling collage

Or, a photo collage of a summer trip…

collage journaling

Or, favorite holiday…

photo collage journaling

Or, random photo collage of summer. (Tip: Run the photos out on your home printer using label paper for easy adhesion.)

Here’s another quick tip to insure your collage stays glued onto the pages: Using a glue stick, apply glue to the back of your image, be sure to get the edges well covered. Apply to journal page, then using an old gift card, pull it across the image, like a squeegee. Viola! This will ensure the image stays in place.

* * * * * *

If you missed it, get your FREE Summer Art Journaling Prompts list here. Part one of this series (Getting Started) can be found here.

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