Dear Kids, Create Your Summer

Dear kids,

You have approximately 91 days of summer vacation. Now is the time to create your summer. I would suggest you don’t waste your time whining, fighting, and proclaiming, “I am bored!”.

create your summer fun

Speaking of fighting. I don’t get 91 days of summer vacation. I have to work, at an office and at home. I will not spend time breaking up fights between you and your sister. Get along or I will take your beloved electronic devices, or worse, you will be grounded. Grounded means you lose time with your friends. That could make for a long summer. Choose to use your ‘soft answers’ with one another.

I am bored is not a disease. It is not an affliction that calls for a remedy. It is not a bell you ring and the entertainment director magically appears with a circus. No, I am not an entertainment director.

[Tweet “‘Bored’ is what adults call leisure time.”]

Summer is not be squandered. Summer should be relished, adored, relaxed. With every proclamation of “I am bored” is an opportunity for adventure, creativity and ingenuousness.

Summer is the perfect time to use those little brains of yours to seize the day.

Cape Diem.

Read a book for (gasp) fun. Find an author you like and read all their books. Get lost in words.

Watch a few episodes of your favorite series on Netflix, but don’t waste the day that way.

Shoot some hoops in the driveway. Make it a friendly competition with your sister. Laugh with each other.

Rummage the art closet and create something awesome. You know that summer art journal we started? Yeah, go create a page or two.

Clean up your messes. Need I remind you that we do not have a maid? You get it out, you put it away. You mess it up, you clean it up.

Head to the backyard and hang out in the clubhouse, have a picnic, play in the sprinklers, and enjoy the summer sunshine.

Don’t waste this summer. In a few short years you will be leaving behind these carefree childhood days for adulthood. You will have to work for a living and summer break will be in the past. You’ll wish you could have a summer day to do nothing.

Go on…seize the day.

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