For the Moms Who Have Been Called The ‘Meanest Mom Ever’

By now, everyone has watched the viral video of the yellow clad Baltimore mamma slapping and yelling at her son in the middle of a street protest.

Some have hailed her ‘Mom of the Year’, others call her an abusive parent. No matter what side your opinions fall on, I bet you five bucks, in that moment, her son was calling her the ‘meanest mom ever.’

Because there are two things that are guaranteed when you become a mother…you will catch your child’s puke in your hands, and you will be called the ‘meanest mom ever.’ Whether it’s in the middle of the street during a protest, or in the kitchen when you take away a cell phone. It will happen once, twice, or even more times than you can count.

Being called a “mean mom’ is just part of the job of being a good mom.

Happy Mother's day to the Meanest Moms Ever. Why being a 'mean mom' is a good thing.
Source background photo: StockVault

To the moms who have the guts to stand up and said, “Oh, no you don’t, son!”

To the moms who make the hard choices about what to do with their troubled teen.

To the moms who say, “no” when all the other moms said, “yes”.

To the moms who go find their underage-child drinking at a party, and drag their butt home.

To the moms who make the agonizing choice to let their child ‘learn lessons the hard way’ because they just won’t listen to your advice.

To the moms who toss their child’s bedroom looking for drug paraphernalia. And find it.

To the moms who have rules and follow through with consequences in their home.

Moms do it all at the risk of being called the ‘meanest mom ever’.

Because we moms know that being mean is done for the love of our children, that, and…motherhood ain’t for those with a weak stomach.

To my mom, who had the courage to be the ‘meanest mom ever’. Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for being a mean mom.

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