Creativity Takes Courage

“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse said that. Henri spoke truth. Why does creativity take courage? Because what we create is a personal expression of ourselves. Not everyone will like what we create. Not everyone will get it. Not everyone will think it is worthwhile.

It takes courage to put a piece of your heart out there for the world (or your little world) to judge. Showing your art puts you in a vulnerable position to be judged. And, let me tell you, it hurts when someone criticizes your art. It’s like someone calling your baby ugly.

Some of the greatest artists in history had their babies called ugly, too. Did you know Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting while he was alive? It was Red Vineyard at Arles (The Vigne Rouge). Yep, people just wasn’t into his art. They didn’t get it. But he had the courage to paint anyway. He painted for the love of his art that came straight from his heart.

Creativity takes courage.

I gave birth to two creative (and beautiful) daughters. When they complain they are bored I can pull out our art stash and they get to work creating something. We have a closet dedicated to creativeness (and the vacuum cleaner).

For the past three years we have worked in an summer art journal. It’s part art, part journal and it is a great way to document their childhood while allowing them freedom to create or write down whatever is on their mind, free from judgement. It’s more about the expression of creativity rather than a masterpiece ready for framing, and it teaches them to make the mistakes work.

Some of our past art journal page samples:

Summer art journal cover

summer to-do list, art journal ideas

favorite things collage journaling

journaling Ideas

It’s all about the process, mistakes and all. There are not rules. There is no right or wrong way to art journal.

This summer we will be working through a new art journal. I will be posting our projects, journaling prompts, free downloads, and creative ideas to get you art journaling. This isn’t just for kids! It’s time for you to get in touch with your creative side, too. Won’t you join us? Look for tips on getting started in the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Creativity Takes Courage

  1. I love what you shared Jeri. I have been painting for about 14 months now and its as though when I paint God speaks to me, I do it for me. I have noticed how the other ladies in my art class just break themselves down and say the craziest things. It really annoys me sometimes because they dont want to change their outlook. I think its wrong to judge and compare – its not healthy! It does take courage to do something new, something creative! I love your art journals. I am looking at some wood art lately and love the ideas, I’m gonna try something new, even though I know nothing about wood haha! But here goes!!


    1. I know what you mean…I just heard a friend proclaim that she is not creative. That always makes me sad because EVERYONE is creative, it’s just their comparison to others that make them think they are not. I applaud your courage to try a craft you’ve never tried before! Isn’t it exhilarating when you’re learning something new? It is for me.


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