Art Journal :: Zentangle Art

Continuing on with my One Word, CREATE this week… Here is another new-to-us project we just discovered called Zentangle.

What is Zentangle? Basically, it’s doodling on steroids. But, it’s more than doodling. It’s structured doodling that is good for your brain, providing inner focus and relaxation.

Zentangle Design

Why Zentangle?

  • The designs we create with Zentangle are repetitive; and repetitive creative work is self-soothing. It’s a calming stress reliever.
  • It’s simple. No expensive art supplies are needed. All that is required is a pen and paper. And, anyone can do it! Even those of you who say, “I am not creative.”
  • Since you are using pen and ink, you will make mistakes. You can’t erase. You are forced to “Make it work.” Thank you Tim Gunn for that nugget of wisdom.
  • Create a state of mindfulness. In other words, instead of always striving to go-go-go, you stay-stay-stay in the moment of creating the next tangle and enjoy the process without an agenda. It’s zen art.
  • It can go wherever you go…carry a pen and small sketchbook in your purse for an instant stress relief.


ZentangleDesignsZentangle hot air BalloonsZentangle Doodles

Need more convincing? Zentangle is an actual, copyrighted company. Check out their website here.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest Board entitled CREATE: 365. Now…go create something!

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