The Truth of Unhappy People

Unhappy quote

Unhappy people will never be happy with anything you say or do. Really. It’s a truth of unhappy people.

No matter how hard you try, unhappy people will criticize your weight, labeling you fat, thin, too thin. Unhappy people will find fault with your parenting choices. Unhappy people won’t like the outfit you are wearing today.

Unhappy people will call you uncool, a geek, a slut, a snob, or a {insert word here}. Unhappy people will find the positive quote that you post on Instagram anything but positive. And they’ll let you know they are unhappy about it.

In an attempt to make themselves feel better, unhappy people will take to Facebook, ranting and spreading lies about you. As they say, misery loves company.

ANOTHER TRUTH: Unhappy people are happy being unhappy. Unhappy people are incapable of seeing the brighter side of life…therefore, they are unhappy.

So, take a page from Kelly Clarkson when she was confronted with one unhappy bully, and say, “Screw them!”

Be happy. Be you. Be happy with your life, right where you are. You can’t change unhappy people, you are only in control of your happiness.

So, go. Be happy. Live a good life. Let them keep their unhappiness. You don’t need it anyway. You’ve got things to do.

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