Guarding Your Heart Against Social Media

To grow my blog, I must network using social media. Or, so I am told.  But, is using social media bad for your health? Are you guarding your heart against social media?

Social Media Break Up

I’ve had a Twitter account for a few years, but really didn’t use this social media as it is intended. I am a natural introvert, which is the opposite of ‘social’ media.

Mostly, Twitter was linked to my blog. A tweet was posted when a new blog post was published. That’s about all I did. After a few years I had total of 62 followers. 

In social media terms that is LOL, literally.

Six months ago, I started a little Twitter experiment. I used, engaged, tweeted, retweeted, and commented on Twitter to gain followers, and ultimately blog readers. In six months I went from a lonely 62 followers to 350 followers. Still, laughable, but it was an improvement.

In the beginning, I found inspirational tweeps out there. (Tweeps, that’s what we call followers.) But, the more I used it, the more useless chatter filled my brain. 

Also. People can be really nasty when hiding behind a keyboard. The kind of stuff that makes my heart race.

The million dollar question? Did I gain more traffic to my blog from Twitter? The simple answer is no, although it’s a little more complicated than that.

Not only did the traffic to my blog not increase from Twitter, but I wrote less because I spent so much time listening to the chatter, drama queens, haters and trolls. (Trolls are what we call bullies and not-so-nice people who pick fights.)

I know some who say Twitter is dying; I don’t think that is so. There are a whole lot of people who still use it, and use it well. I am sure there are companies who have great success with it too. 

Right now, for the health of my heart, I am breaking up with social media.

Why for my heart? Our heart is at the center of who we are.

In Hebrew the word “heart” means “the essence of our inner-self, the totality of our thoughts, feelings and will”. According to Solomon, we live out of our heart.

Proverbs 4:23 (NLT) is a plea from a father to his son to guard his heart from evil influences and wrongdoing.

It’s easy to justify having to have social media links on my blog…everyone’s doing it, that is how people connect nowadays, or that’s how you grow your readership.

The justifications I make for not guarding my heart against social media really don’t pass for good reasons. We must filter what goes into our hearts. The decisions we make every day must deepen our relationship with Christ. Whether it’s what we read, how we speak to others or what we post online because “…it determines the rest of your life.”

Social media is not good for my heart, so I am taking a hiatus. I might be back some day, and if that day comes, I will be more careful about the chatter I listen to and follow.

A social media hiatus for me means Twitter, is gone. Facebook, is gone. Google+, is gone. Instagram, will remain private. Pinterest, will remain public.

It’s almost unheard of to say ‘no’ to social media, but it’s what I feel I need to do, for now.

How are you guarding your heart against social media these days?

Author’s note: I am not saying social media is evil and will be the downfall of human-kind or anything. So, if you love Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever, keep doing it. And, of course, if you like to share this post on social media, you still can with the buttons below. I am just saying it’s not working for me right now. And, remember, what you post online never really goes away. Ever. Images: The heart graphic above was created by using images found at Vecteezy.

LINKING UP | With Holley Gerth, Coffee for Your Heart. Read amazing women blogging and linking up there!

UPDATE: Um, yeah. So, I don’t regret pulling the social media plug. Taking that break to wipe the slate clean was liberating. Seriously liberating. I learned what I don’t want from my social media accounts, and how I want it to represent me. Deleting my accounts (particularly Twitter) to get rid of trolls was a good thing. It’s like weeding your garden in life…get rid of people who drag you down, are mean or toxic. It feels really, really good. After much debate, I started a new Twitter account. I have written rules for this account. Number one being only positive and creative tweets from my account. And, I will only follow others spreading positive, inspiration, or creative tweets. Because this world is full of enough negativity.

4 thoughts on “Guarding Your Heart Against Social Media

  1. High Five Jeri! I so agree with you – I have never been on twitter, google plus and these kind of things. I feel that is God wants people to find your blog, He will lead them to it. I have also taken some time off and hearing God saying refocus – means I have also refocused on my blog. I find that in this crazy blogging world, we have to stay true too ourselves and our hearts, what we first started doing when we first begun. May you be so blessed – breaking up with social media is good for you haha :))) Have a wonderful weekend. A


    1. Thanks Aliyah. Social Media just isn’t for me. It’s weird to say because everyone talks about it being a marketing tool, although I haven’t found that to be true for me. So, I am listening to my heart. I can tell from your writing that you are refocused, and renewed in your blog. When writing from the heart, it always shows.


  2. I feel you are doing the right thing. And proud of you for standing up for what you believe in. Who needs to hear from bullies anyway? The world can be so full of hate and hateful words. Your blog has always lifted me up and make me think. Keep up the good work, and words that inspire me to be a better person.


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