Mother vs Mother

It happens before the moment we hold our baby for the first time. Women everywhere are taking sides in the mother vs mother debate. Natural child-birth mother vs pass-me-the-epidural mother.

Even before the sleep derivation makes us so crazy, men run and hide, women choose a side in the parenting-child-rearing war.

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Breast feeding vs formula bottle feeding.

Co-sleeping vs crib sleeping.

Cloth diapers vs Huggies.

Organic, make your own baby food vs convenient store-bought baby food.

Nanny vs daycare.

And the dreaded stay-at-home mom vs the working mother. Which is an oxymoron, because all mothers are working mothers.


From the moment of conception, society demand mothers pick a side in the mother vs mother battle. And. It. Never. Stops.

Not even when your child is a toddler (spanking vs time out), or when they start school (home-school vs public school vs private school), or when they are old enough to walk to school, or get a cell phone, or have a sleepover, or wear that belly-bearing top, or go to a concert unsupervised without a parent hovering. And, the versus go on and on.

Motherhood is tough. I am going to say that sometimes it feels like a down-right battle field (moms vs our kids). We are all doing the best we know how. We are all doing what we feel in our hearts is right for our children, our family. So, why are mothers so often pitted against each other, mother vs mother?

Mothers are in the trenches everyday. We are getting our hands dirty and getting the job done. The last thing we need is another mother all up in our business, judging us, and undermining our parenting decisions.

We must stick together. We must make a pact with each other. When a tough parenting decision comes up, one that we know will make our kids’ unhappy and risk them ‘hating’ us, to stick together for support of one another.

When mothering gets tough…the tough get support of other mothers.

Just how it should be.

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