30 Things | The List


November is over…rushing in comes December!

I found sticking to a list of things to seek out and show gratitude was a little more challenging than in past years. How about you?

  • One thing worth it’s weight in gold: Neighbors taking pity on us for Thanksgiving dinner after Glenn’s surgery.
  • One thing lost, then found: I thought I had lost some pictures I took last Christmas, then found them in the most unexpected place. Why did I put them there?
  • One thing restful: Doing nothing on a Saturday afternoon.
  • One thing that nurtures my soul: Sleeping in! Seriously, all.week.long.
  • One thing in Him: He works in great & amazing ways…connecting myself and a like-minded blogger friend, who lives half way around the world.
  • One thing orange: It’s more coral, but in the orange family. This scarf.
  • One thing received: An anonymous donor to my Small Seed Bibles for South Asia campaign.
  • One thing given: Operation Christmas Child boxes filled and delivered.
  • One thing crafted: Christmas quilt wall hanging (it’s almost finished, anyway).
  • One thing found in the morning light: Chihuly glass here.
  • One thing said unexpected: An old friend came to town, friendship missed.
  • One thing encouraged: My girls’ awesome teachers.
  • One thing that made you smile: My new little work space…no more working spread out on the sofa.
  • One thing answered: Unexpected freelance work.
  • One thing so small I almost missed it: The frost on an autumn leaf.
  • One thing savored: Crockpot full of chili on a very cold day.
  • One thing sung: “Greater” by MercyMe.
  • One thing reminding me to have faith: Read on Twitter…”Get out of the boat and have faith.”
  • One thing about you: My body, although not perfect, perfectly me.
  • One thing a blessing in disguise: Not sure I can answer this one…maybe the blessing in disguise hasn’t revealed itself yet.
  • One thing autumn: The trees looked on fire with orange reflection of the sunset.
  • One thing in verse: Philippians 4:6-7
  • One thing gentle: Parker’s hugs just when I need it. The gentle way she brushes my hair out of my face.
  • One thing spouse: My hard working hubby.
  • One thing when I looked up: The clouds coming out of IKEA.
  • One thing at work: Well, there are 5 people at work that rock!
  • One thing in my kid: Parker for her fashion sense.
  • One thing of my choice: One thing in my other kid: Alex’s kindness to friends.
  • One thing of my choice: Cheesy chick-flicks.
  • One thing of my choice: Looking down at a stone path that was art under our feet.

So, how did you do with in the month of gratitude?


2 thoughts on “30 Things | The List

  1. Your list really encouraged me today Jeri. It has been a hard week and yet somehow through your list, I had the sense that God really loves me so much. That He is so near, thank you for sharing! blessings Aliyah


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