30 Things: Grace


Thanksgiving is on Thursday (like you don’t know that). All across America we will be sitting down around a dinner table with family and friends. We be sharing in food and fellowship. We will be sharing what we are grateful for. And, we will be saying grace before we dig into good food.

I came across this poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson a few weeks ago. I thought, wouldn’t this make a wonderful prayer of thanksgiving?

Do you have a traditional prayer you say before Thanksgiving dinner, or do you make it up on the fly?

* * * * *

LOOKING AHEAD TO ADVENT | Okay, the season of Advent starts on Monday. Check out the newest Bible study by Lara Williams entitled, then came Jesus. I ordered mine last week and can’t wait to start.

“This 4-week study guide is one thing we can do, alone or with our family, to purposefully remember Jesus. It’s a few minutes set-aside each day to reflect on Him. A time to press deeper into our God so that when December 25th rolls around we won’t regret; we’ll rejoice. Because we’ve walked into the season hand-in-hand with Jesus.” (excerpts from the introduction of “then came Jesus”)

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