30 Things | Gratitude Round Up


So, how is your November? I have been reading on Facebook that many of you are writing 30 days of gratitude. And, that is an awesome thing! This month is flying by, holiday TV ads are in full force, and even as I say that I know that it’s not true…they will bombard us with “best sale of the season” before the left-over turkey is eaten. Target, I am talking to you!

So, I am savoring this month. I am pausing and enjoying just being thankful. I am counting my 30 Things with an open heart. I am basking in the glow of gratitude. Too much?

ONE THING RECEIVED | An anonymous donor pushed my Small Seed Bibles for Asia over the goal. God is good! This completely unexpected gift made me do a happy dance. No, really, I danced. Thank you, whoever you are. Oh, and let’s do it again…the Campaign is still open to bring the Good News to those who need it most.

ONE THING OF MY CHOICE | Watching Parker take pictures with my phone. She took that picture of the stone path above. She took about eight photos of that stone path! Watching her delight in the the art of that under her feet…priceless.

ONE THING WHEN I LOOKED UP | The clouds when I came out of IKEA last week.

ONE THING THAT MADE YOU SMILE | I made myself a little dedicated working nook. Finally, no more spreading out all my crap on the sofa or the dining room table.

ONE THING FOUND IN THE MORNING LIGHT | The Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Denver is very artist-friendly. Art makes me happy.

ONE THING IN YOUR KID | I love Parker’s sense of style. Seriously. She is so whimsical.


ONE THING CRAFTED | A new quilted Christmas wall hanging.

Tell me…what have you given thanks in this month?

Thirty Things: 30 Days of Gratitude | If you missed the FREE gratitude checklist and quote, you can download it here. It’s not too late to play along!

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