A Summer Letter to my Kids

Dear kids,

You have 35 days of summer vacation left before school starts. I would suggest you don’t waste it with whining, fighting, and proclaiming, “I am bored!”.

I am bored is not a disease. It is not an affliction that calls for a remedy. It is not a bell you ring and the entertainment director magically appears with a circus. I am also not that entertainment director I speak of.

Bored is what adults call leisure time.

Look, before you know it we will be school supply shopping. I will register you for school next week. We will be meeting your teachers, learning your new schedule, signing up for fall sports, and fighting about math homework.


Summer is not be squandered. It should be relished, adored, relaxed.

With every proclamation of “I am bored” is an opportunity for adventure, creativity and ingeniousness.

Summer is the perfect time to use those little brains of yours to seize the day.

Cape Diem.

Spalshing rain3

Splash in the rain puddles like the neighbors aren’t looking out the window, shaking their heads.

Grab an arm full of recyclable materials from the recycle bin and create something awesome with glue and glitter.

Pull out the Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, and Legos from the closet and build. Let your imagination run wild.

Head to the backyard and build a tent, have a picnic, play in the sprinklers, and enjoy the summer sunshine.


Don’t waste this summer. In a few short years you will be leaving behind these carefree days for adulthood. You’ll wish you could have a summer vacation.

Go on…seize the day.

*Pictures by Alexandra

3 thoughts on “A Summer Letter to my Kids

  1. Hysterical, but so true! It’s been a long time since I had children under my roof, but I can remember those days when *boredom* set in. But then, when school started again, they bemoaned the travails of homework and no free time. I can vividly remember both of my sons telling me, “You’re lucky. You’re an adult. You can do what you want.”

    Uh, yeah. Now, at 31 and 28, I tell them, “See, I tried to tell you, adulthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!”

    So, yes, kids of the world – CARPE DIEM!

    And those of us who have left those carefree days behind? Let’s get in touch with the childlike side of ourselves, and let’s find imagination and wonder again.

    Jesus likes that in His followers…



      1. Thanks Sharon. Funny, I didn’t know I could “do whatever I wanted” now that I am an adult. Kids want to grow up, and adults want to be kids. Sigh. I miss my beagle…


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