Kids Growing Small Seeds, Doing Good

Your Calling

My late father-in-law always said, “Never plant seeds before Mother’s Day.” And, since he was the king of growing pole beans, I listened.

Oh, how I miss his home-grown green beans!

His theory of the perfect time to plant seeds was rooted in the idea that there was no longer danger of frost after Mother’s Day. Anyone who has ever planted seeds only to have the small plants that grew destroyed by a spring snow storm knows this…there is really no “perfect” time to plant.

You can only use information you have at hand and do your best. And, if your crop gets wiped out you start again. He learned that a few times as well.

Just like there is not perfect time to plant a garden, there is also no perfect time to start living your dream, doing your calling. There are a lot of things in your life that could threaten your crop, but you can’t let that stop you. You plant your small seeds anyway. All you can do is one small thing at a time. Then another small thing, and another, and another. Before long you will be growing in faith and compassion, and seeing the fruits of your labor.

That is the idea behind Small Seeds. Plant small seeds and watch it grow into something big.

small seeds CORRECTED

June’s edition of individuals planting Small Seeds is all about kids doing good. And, if kids can plant a Small Seed, so can you!

Emma Brun | Emma is raising money for Chicago’s homeless. She is 10 years-old. She is currently actioning off one of her American Girl Dolls in the hopes to raise money to buy basic necessaries like blankets, pillows and water bottles for Chicago’s needy. Donations start at only $5. Keep planting your Small Seeds, Emma!

Rudy Hummel | Rudy slept outside for 365 days to raise funds for Habit for Humanity and the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory. He raised over $4,000 for his charities, even sleeping outside in Minnesota’s brutal winter. His fundraising website is Snore Outdoors and he is still planting seeds.

Rachel Wheeler | At 9-years-old, Rachel pledged to build homes for Haiti’s poorest. With the help of her mother and a Facebook page, Rachel raised over $250,000 in three years. Today, she is 14-years-old and hasn’t stopped building. She also has partnered with Food for the Poor to raise more money for houses and a school. I remember hearing this story in 2011 on NBC News and have never forgot it. I had to find out what Rachel was up to since then. She is truly a Small Seed that has grown a garden.

Never Too Big To Be a Small Seed | Jon Bon Jovi, aka one of the biggest rock stars in the world, surprises a 10-year-old boy with cancer. Mario Carpino was diagnosed with brain tumors at 4-years-old. Mario organizes an annual lemonade stand in New Jersey to raise money for other kids with cancer. Jon Bon Jovi surprised him by stopping by to get a cup of lemonade and spending an hour with Mario. This is Mario’s 4th year of running the lemonade stand…one he will never forget! Mario holds the fundraiser in partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Oh, and Mario has raised over $200,000 in the past 4 years. Turning lemons into lemonade, people.

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*Thank you to Today Show, She Lives Free and  NBC Nightly News for these inspiring stories. **Background photo above by StockVault.

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