Graphic Designer By Day

Something you may not know about me is that I am a graphic designer by day, a writer by night. (Seriously, I write mostly at night!)

Shameless plug ahead…I have been using Redbubble for a few years to sell my graphic design and photography to the masses. Okay, “masses” my be stretching it a bit.

There are many reason I love using Redbubble. Unlike some other popular sites, who keep your designs as their own, Redbubble allows artists to retain the rights to their artwork. That is important as an artist/designer. I design the products; Redbubble handles all the manufacturing, shipping, and money collection of the product. The commission is deposited directly into my bank account. That’s really too easy.

Redbubble has been working hard to add new projects to their collection. Recently they added throw pillows and just last week, tote bags.

I have 24+ tote bags in my Redbuble Shop to choose from. All priced under $20. But, wait, there’s more…iPhone case, Samsung Cases, iPod Cases, T-shirts, Hoodies, Prints (framed or not), Metal Prints, and Throw Pillows. I am adding new designs weekly. So if you like these designs, please stop by and check out my shop. If you’re an artists, check out what Redbubble has to offer you.

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