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I want to thank everyone who contributed to my Birthday for a Cause this week. It was pointed out that I made the links a little confusing, so many of you may have donated directly to Nyaya Heath (Possible Health) rather than at ODW’s Birthday for a Cause. Either link that was used, the money goes to women’s health needs in Nepal. The women in Nepal are better off for your heartfelt donation. (Because of my confusing links, if you donated through Possible Health, please let me know in the comments. I would like to know.) Thanks Hubby, Alex, Parker, and Mary D and family!

Also, it’s not too late to donate! My Birthday for a Cause link (in the sidebar) will be live for another 30-some days.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4

Saturday was a big fundraising event at our kids’ school. Here are a few pictures of our day volunteering and having fun.

WWA Walk
I hate to say it, but when your tween is acting like her mom doesn’t exist, it feels good to embarrass her just a little bit. Her friends were yelling, “HI, Alex’s mom!” So, I waved back and yelled, “Hi, honey!” She may look amused…
…but she wasn’t. Oh, it’s good to be the mom when she is being a little stinker
helicopter ball drop
One of the ways the school raised money was by selling raffle tickets. Not your ordinary raffle ticket, though. The raffle numbers were printed on golf balls, then loaded into a helicopter (Ball Droppers).
helicopter ball drop
The helicopter then dropped the numbered golf balls on the flag target in the soccer field. The closest golf ball to the flag wins the grand prize. They dropped around 1400 golf balls and had over 100 prizes to win.
face painting
The face painting station by was popular!
face paint
And the bunny was popular with the first graders.
face paint
It’s a palm tree…not a carrot!
WWA walk
There was a 1 miles family fun walk to start off the festivities. Running for the finish line was not required but was how most kids chose to end the walk.
Scrumptious ice cream
Scrumptious Ice Cream truck was a hit…so was the gold pig that sat in front of the truck. Scrumptious is located in Old Towne Arvada, CO and their ice cream is hand-made. Yum!
scrumptious ice cream
Doesn’t that look delish?!
Cute planters from Malara Gardens.
Leather stamping
Leather stamping station by Tandy Leather.

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