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I am doing things a little different today. I am taking a break from my regularly scheduled faith reading for something a little more personal, and self-indulgent…my kids. And, because my mom wants to see some pictures. (I know you do, mom.)

So, here’s a little update on life around here…

Parker LipstickParker Faith is loving her new red lipstick. She thinks she is so grown up. She is only 7-year-old but she is really good at putting it on. That is a little scary.soccerAlex has started playing soccer. Most of the team has never played soccer before. And their opponents have…for years.easterSONY DSC SONY DSC easterWhy does it take longer to boil eggs than it does to dye them? And, longer to clean up the mess.Easter1Just back from Easter services and this is the best photo out of 10. (Yes, mom. I left my shades on!) Alex Starbucks Starbucks Secret MenuSaturday Alex and I had a little mommy/daughter date. First stop was Starbucks for a treat off their secret menu in which we rated each on a scale of 1-5 stars. Then, we did her second favorite thing…shopping. You guessed it…drinking Starbucks is her favorite thing, or maybe it’s a tie.Plum blooms I dusted off my DSLR this weekend to shoot the glorious plum trees in bloom. Even though I have been miserable this whole week from the allergies, it’s stil beautiful.plum bloomsTake a moment this Wednesday morning to breath. Smell the flowers, unless you have allergies, then don’t. Just look at them. It’s mid-week…almost the weekend. The girls are out of school Friday. I think a craft day is long over due. What’s your plans this weekend?

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  1. I totally enjoyed tagging along in your fun. I have to say that lipstick is done very nicely. Yes to Starbucks. Now that is my kind of small break. Woot!


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