Believing the Truth of Christ

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Easter is officially over. I hope you took it all in. I hope you felt the sacrifice Jesus made for us. I hope your eyes have been opened in the truth. I hope your faith has been renewed.

Now what do we do? As we move on with our life…there are other holidays to celebrate, birthday parties to plan, summer vacations to take. These are all fun things to look forward too, but there is more.

I challenge all of us not forget the truth of Easter. Not to forget the ultimate sacrifice that He made for us.
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This Easter Sunday our pastor asked this question: “Does what you believe matter?”

I started this list as part of my Faith Statement, but it seems right to share it now.

I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He is the one and only way to God.

I believe Jesus Christ was innocent of sin, yet died a sinners death.

I believe Jesus Christ died and rose again.

I believe Jesus Christ died, nailed to a cross, for all of humanities sin. For your sin. For my sin.

I believe Jesus Christ paid the debt for my salvation and there is nothing more I can do to add to it.

I believe Jesus Christ is the light of the world. I believe He is the way to everlasting life. He is truth.

What you believe does matter. Carry it with you all year-long.

Never forget He died for YOU.

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